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Published on December 8th, 2010 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Review: Pinball FX 2 DLC: Marvel Pinball

I knew when the Green Goblin threw a Pumpkin Bomb onto my pinball table that this was going to be a wacky set of DLC. Normally I’m only a fan of pinball in real life, and I didn’t spend too much time with Pinball FX 2 when it came out—even though the general wackiness of the tables was interesting (mutating aliens with little minigames, anyone?). Being able to play on four different tables featuring my favorite Marvel superheroes has finally hooked me on whacking a virtual pinball.

The tables, featuring Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Blade, look amazing and our intricately detailed. It’s just too bad that I couldn’t find the best camera angle to see the art as well as play the game properly. Aside from just looking good, the Marvel heroes and baddies actually serve a purpose: whacking the pinball into the right sections will start up different missions and battles between them.

For example, hitting the ball into a wall to break it down reveals the mission hole on Iron Man’s table. Getting the ball into the hole results in Tony Stark’s transformation into Iron Man and a battle ensues.

It’s such a treat to watch Iron Man and Mandarin go at it while trying to perfect your shots to make sure your hero wins the bout of fisticuffs.

Honestly, the crowd who’s going to get the most out of these tables are the Marvel fans. However, even a non-fan of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can appreciate the creativity of the tables. They’re just loads of fun.

The tables are fun, but man, when a massive Wolverine hand unleashes its adamantium claws, smashes through a wall and throws your ball at you it can get too crazy. Often times I found the action so intriguing I couldn’t keep my eyes on the ball. Other times it was just distracting. Sometimes all that flash and glitz is a bad thing.

I’m also not very good at FX2, and that means one very sad thing: I didn’t get to see everything. Try as I might, I seemed to stay consistently average in my skills. This meant I never defeated Sabretooth with Wolverine or blew up Doc Ock with one of Green Goblin’s bombs.

Closing Comments:

The Marvel Pinball DLC features some wickedly cool tables that feature what everyone wants to see: heroes and bad guys duking it out. If you’re a Marvel fan, the little bits of detail ripped from the comic book worlds will please you. As someone who doesn’t like virtual pinball, I found myself playing the tables over and over again as I tried to beat the different bad guys and complete missions. The only downside to the four tables is the price. At 800 Microsoft points ($10) for Xbox 360 or $9.99 for the PlayStation Network, these tables are not cheap. Ultimately it comes down to how much you like Marvel and pinball. If you’re a fan of Marvel you may find this interesting. If you love whacking a silver ball around a table, then the Marvel pack offers some of the most creative tables to date in FX 2.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

+ Great for Marvel fans.
+ Creative boards with a lot of action.
+ Loads to do on the boards like defeating enemies or capturing vampires.
Sometimes the action gets to chaotic and you lose your ball’s location.
Challenging for moderate level players.
The 800 MS points ($10) is kind of steep for four tables.

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