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Published on November 29th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Review: Gunstar Heroes iPhone

Gunstar Heroes is a great addition to the Sega library that can be found on iTunes. It provides those out there looking for some classic run and gun a chance to relive the experience on their iPhone. Although it might have some slight issues, nonetheless it is still a great buy for fans.

If you are not familiar with Gunstar Heroes, it follows Gunstar twins Red and Blue as they battle Colonel Red and the Emperor. These two are up to no good trying to bring the robot Golden Silver back to life. All of this is its amazing 16-Bit glory. It’s hard not hitting that continue button to keep fighting on.

Much like the Pool Payday game, one of the best parts about owning this on your iPhone is that you can come back to the game whenever you would like. Off of your break? Just close it down and come right back to it on the next one. Cutting that bathroom sit-down-session a little short? Come right back to laying it down on the last boss. Just make sure you have the right button layout to get the job done.

The controls are one of the only things that does hinder Gunstar Heroes from being a truly perfect release. If you are familiar with iPhone/iPad/iTouch games, then you know that the button configurations are often the most compromising. There is also an option to simply use the tilt of the screen to fire in the given direction. The options screen also allows for calibration in case you might be playing while kicking back for this one.

Any Genesis owners ever play a game
with the Turbo Touch 360? That’s kind of the
feeling I get when playing on the iPhone.

The screen size offers some great action and minimizes down for some other controller schemes, but it does not allow for the most precise button taps. The A,B, and C buttons are stacked and placed at the side for the best experience, but still are not ideal. This is especially the case in areas where it is critical that you move around a lot, you might suffer from inaccurate slides and fires.

Here are two of my actual screens from the game. The first is the on screen button layout

CLOSING COMMENT: Gunstar Heroes offers a lot of bang for its buck. It was an awesome release from the past and a great game for future play. The button layout does suffer from some “fat thumb syndrome” and you may need to change the settings in order to really lay down some fire. It can be found in the iTunes store for U.S. $2.99.

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[xrr label=”Rating: 7.5/10″ rating=7.5/10]

+Great shooter
+Continuing is easy
Button layout

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