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Published on November 26th, 2010 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Umbrellas are for Losers, Rewriting History is Possible and Crazy Taxi is Back

If you’re reading this and happened to have gone shopping today, bravo, you survived a Black Friday stampede of crazy shoppers! Lucky for you, it’s time to relax with some gaming news and reviews. However, if you’re still feeling that Black Friday itch or just didn’t get out there in time, check out these Xbox Live deals.

Alright then, let’s kick this pig.

The truth:

Conduit 2’s intro video will result in one thing: weeping. Fear not these tears of joy, for they herald the coming of a great Wii first-person shooter.

Some people find history to be a boring subject. Others wish certain events could have gone differently. Just think if we could travel back in time and stop the World Wars from happening. Maybe we’d go too far back and things would get all crazy like the Butterfly Effect and the next thing you know we all have bug eyes. Anyway, Radiant Historia gives gamers the chance to take history into their own hands and change it. Time travel and multiple endings give this DS RPG a very Chrono Trigger-esque feel, and that’s a great thing.

We have a new video showing off the new Unreal 3 tech. To continue with the tech trend we also have photos of the new Sunflex Move controllers.

The new Yakuza 4 story trailer teaches us that those who don’t use umbrellas are badass. Here’s looking at you, Kazuma chan. I’m behind a bit on the Yakuza series, but I loved the first one and can’t wait to jump back into Japan’s seedy underworld.

I’m sure there are a dozen witty ways to write a little blurb about Back to the Future: The Game. Unfortunatley, I barely remember these movies, but the new game has some promise with developer Telltale Games (of Sam and Max fame) at the reins.

Gunstar Heroes is one of the best games every made. Fact. For the uninitiated, this Sega Genesis co-op side scrolling shooter is a gem from developer Treasure. It’s now available for iPhone. While a portable version seems cool, I’m a little leery about playing a game requiring such precision on a platform requiring touch controls on the screen. If you have never played the game before and don’t own a current gen console to download the title, then you could do a lot worse for $3. 

Kung Fu LIVE is all about being a ninja. This PlayStation Eye controlled game will probably make you look more like Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja than Bruce Lee, but at least it promises a unique experience to get you off the couch.

The reviews:

It finally happened boys and girls. A great Sonic title. I don’t know what else to type; I’m flabbergasted.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is out for those who love stealth and shenanigans. It offers a new multiplayer mode, but isn’t as good as the previous title. I have yet to get into this series, but it looks like fans won’t be disappointed with the latest iteration of the series.

Crazy Taxi HD is available in downloadable format, and although the former arcade and Dreamcast game has some control issues (and annoying music) it’s not such a bad stroll down memory lane. Those of you who have it and can’t seem to please your passengers can check out some hints from one of gamingtruth’s ace cab drivers.

Alien Breed 3: Descent is the closing chapter of a desperate struggle against would be chest bursters and face huggers. If scary aliens aren’t your thing, check out Krazy Alienz. This Space Invaders copycat adds enough to the original to give it an original flavor and playability.

Shoot to Kill. That just about sums up this iPhone game. Bad guys. Shoot. Kill. Repeat for best effect.

Well, that’s all for now, GT readers. Have a good weekend playing all those cheap Black Friday games, and we’ll see you next week if you can still afford Internet after today’s deals.

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