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Published on November 10th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Kinect Adventures Review


Once you get into the intermediate, it is time to break out the sweat bands.

The games will have you jumping, grabbing, and flying to score those high points.

There are a lot of things great about Kinect adventures. The involvement that players now have is almost unrealistic. Who knew that in this amount of time that games would have allowed us to move the motion instead of pushing a button, or to simply become the joystick? Whether it is the family atmosphere that has drawn you in or just wondering what its like to play it, here is your chance to check out Kinect Adventures.

There are really only five different events: River Rush, Rallyball, Reflex Ridge, Space Pop, and 20,000 Leaks. These all increase with variations in challenges to complete. Playing these events with a partner is a really fun experience and even those out there who might think that gamers and casual gamers can coexist, well, you should meet on the Kinect river.

With these variations in experience, there are also plenty of chances for players to experience all areas of the Kinect’s capabilities. After completing an Adventure you earn a badge and unlock a “Living Statue” which allows players to add their own sounds and gestures to. This is a great way to showcase the sound recording as well as gesture capturing and you can upload your dancing statue online for others to see.

Kinect Adventures offer some great games and differing levels of difficulty. With that being said, it also leaves us hanging with just a few activity options. There are varying areas and challenges, sure, but a wider variety in events would have given it a more complete feel.


Greg’s pretty much right on the money in regards to the lack of variety in Kinect Adventures. Playing through every activity one or even two times is exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting. But after the initial runs the game begins to lose it’s spark and gets repetitive and boring. The maps don’t change over the course of the difficulty, just the goals. For example, the easiest difficulty pits players in a variety of game modes where they need to gather as many adventure pins in order to complete the entire Adventure–which is basically a set of various activities. Later you will need to collect gems, and later still you need to collect clocks to add to an ever-decreasing time limit. But I have to stress the fact that these are still the same maps with different goals. You can see how this starts to get dull.

However, Kinect Adventures is still a decent game and showcases the Kinect console pretty well. There is a lag which will become synonymous with Kinect games, but as an official Microsoft Kinect game, it performs really well otherwise. Another fun feature is that if players have profiles on the Xbox 360 and they have went through the Kinect ID process, the game will automatically recognize and add their avatars to the game. Co-op play is completely jump-in, jump-out, and is a breeze to start up. If two people want to play all the other person has to do is simply walk into the play field and the game will immediately begin the process of adding a new player who will join as a random avatar or, if they have a profile, their own.

I suppose I should explain each activity instead of hinting them, eh? River Rush let’s players ride the raging rapids while standing on a large raft. Moving your body will steer the raft, and you can perform actions like jumping in order to move along different paths and gaining pins as you go. Rallyball is one of the first Kinect games which we saw back in E3 2009 and it pits a player or two in a small square room where they have to hit bouncing balls in order to destroy targets. Players can use their hands, legs, or heads to hit the ball. The harder the ball is hit, the faster it will go. Reflex Ridge is a game that sets a player onto a moving train cart and the goal is to collect pins while moving and jumping to avoid obstacles. Space Pop is an anti-gravity game where by the wave of your arms you can fly up and float in air to pop enough bubbles before the time runs out. Finally, 20,000 Leaks puts players in a glass box and sends them to the bottom of the ocean where they have to plug leaks caused by some pissed off sea creatures such as fish, crabs, and even sharks.

Well, there you have it. Kinect Adventures isn’t the best Kinect title but it’s fun and exciting for families or for parties. Just don’t expect it to last that long with the limited amount of activities to play.

[xrr label=”Rating: 7/10″ rating=7/10]
+ Good showcase for the Kinect
+ Fun for families/parties
+ Multiplayer is easy to start up
– Lack of activities

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