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Published on September 29th, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Release Date: Sept. 28, 2010
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Neversoft Entertainment
Genre: Music
Platforms: Xbox 360 [Reviewed], PS3, Wii

The year is coming to a close, and with the heavy hitters starting to generate a lot of buzz, Activision finds it’s time to drop Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock into the already packed month of September, and early October. With Rock Band 3 on the horizon, I stepped into Warriors of Rock with the hope of something ground breaking and even a jump back to the roots of what made Guitar Hero great. Sadly I was utterly disgusted with Neversoft’s last attempt at a Guitar Hero game. Warriors of Rock featured one of the biggest narratives in Guitar Hero History. The “story” goes a little something like this, “An epic hero battles an ancient evil with a mighty axe, but the hero is defeated. Entombed in stone, the hero’s axe is lost, and the evil slumbers. But the evil awakens again, and it’s up to the characters of Guitar Hero titles past to discover their rock-powered true selves in order to take the fight to the Beast”. Each character within the game does feature different abilities to help in the fighting of the beast, which is so cliche to say the least.

When you go through this “story” you will notice really quick that you will play as each character in the game, and a set list catered to that particular character. You will play through each song earning starts, and by the way, the stars are different this time around from previous Guitar Hero games. The 5 star goal is out the window and depending on your character’s special abilities can earn you more stars that your typical five. You unlock the characters transformation by the amount of stars you acquire from playing through the songs. Keep in mind that some characters are more capable of getting 7-8 stars on a given song where some can only achieve 5 stars, but just aim for 7 as it can be done. Keep playing until your character hits his/her transformation, as the story will not progress until your character has transformed, and you have played through their locked song.

I remember the press conference from Neversoft month’s before this title shipped, and hearing them promise this is the return to the roots of Guitar Hero and this game will be more Hard Rock and Metal centered, it features one of the worst playlist’s in recent history. A lot of these songs felt like they were included just to be a filler for their massive 93 song set list. They did get some tracks right, from Megadeath, and Soundgarden, but others felt thrown in. Linkin Park made the cut, but was “Bleed Out” the right song choice? I would have much rather played their new anthem ” The Catalyst”.

Multiplayer is still in but nothing ground breaking was done here. Granted there is not a whole lot left to do on a title like this besides have guitar battles or have a band play together through the set list, but as the previous paragraph insinuated, the track list is boring and not a party starter. This is a game more “in tune” for veteran Guitar Hero players and less for the casual fans that flock to music titles these days like the plague. Overall the game feels very out dated and to just start up a multiplayer game seems to much of a task in itself. Why the franchise went back to a menu based setup seems like a huge step back from the previous “Guitar Hero 5”. The set list is boring, scattered, and off pace for what we were promised on what this game would be. The story mode is very cliche and poorly executed, making it one of the worst story progression, music based games for this franchise. With Rock Band 3 right around the corner, and the promises that game will have, I see no reason to waste time or money on a sloppy version of Guitar Hero this year. You may want a music game to wet your appetite for what is to come next month, but in all honesty, save your money and use it as a down payment on the Rock Band 3 bundle next month. Sorry Neversoft, but after this attempt, I am glad to see you leave the franchise that has been in a downward spiral for the past 3 years.

[xrr label=”Rating: 3.5/10″ rating=3.5/10]

+ Great looking visuals

+ New Guitar is cool

– Poor tracklisting

– Very Poor story

– Set list are un-balanced

– 5 Star progression is Gone

– Un-Balanced character perks

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