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Published on September 11th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Metroid: Other M review

Reviewer’s Note: This Game was Reviewed on the Wii.

There are so many things about Metroid: Other-M that provide for a great experience. The levels play out in a very unique way and throws out the premonitions I had about the game when I first laid hands on it at E3 2010. Since then, it has had some noticeable polishing, some shining, and a completed feel.

The story in Metroid:Other-M takes place after the Mother kills the baby who had saved the life of Samus(Super Metroid). With the explanation of the story shown in a gutsy cutscene portion, it does provide us with a solid story to get a feel of when it is occurring. This is by far the best looking and unique Metroid in the series. Like many first party Nintendo games, the graphics and sound are amongst the most polished parts of the game. Playing with component cables actually did this Wii title some good. The animated scenes are gorgeous and Samus doesn’t look like a plastic mannequin from the gamecube era. The colors are bright and Samus shines in all of her glory. It is truly a great experience when cut scenes, gameplay, and voice acting provide an empathetic experience to the gamer. Oh yeah, and shooting stuff with a plasma cannon and super missiles are cool things too.

There are a lot of little things that came together to make Metroid follow the same lines, but because of the uniqueness to the Wii, it offered one great experience. The combat system had me on the hook with the surprises it threw out. This is one thing that I think will make this a great venture for anyone expecting a solid play-through. Exploring different areas and solving puzzles for power ups keep you wondering “how the heck am I going to get in there?”quite often. The morph ball comes in handy for many of the puzzles.

The control layout is easy and comfortable. Holding the Wii remote sideways allows you to handle Samus like the olden days. The 1 Button fires and the 2 Button jumps. Holding 1 will charge the cannon for a bigger shot. Pushing A allows you to turn into the ever so famous morph ball. While in the ball form, pushing 1 lays mines and charging it will release a “power bomb.” Using the + accesses the map and other options. Other controls include pointing the Wii remote at the screen to enter FPS mode. In this mode you can scan while holding B trigger, or fire away pressing A. This mode also allows you to fire other power ups as they come along. Tilting the remote while holding A charges your missiles and health. Even though you have unlimited ammo, it is tough to get away from some enemies to actually recharge.

While FPS mode allows for varying gameplay, it does not however provide you with the most fluid of transitions. There are times when there are multiple enemies to aim for and you must move quickly to shoot, but in the meantime, you are getting pelted by enemy objects. One of the other issues that I had with the game was the accuracy. When there are multiple enemies in a room, it does not always lock on to one when charging or using the run and gun tactic. While this limits your shots, you will be able to dodge and get back on your feet with ease. The directional pad offers a unique system that shows us how fast and fascinating Samus still is after all these years.

I do think that there are some great enemies and the story line is superb. The direction in which they took this Metroid was interesting and for the most part, a gutsy move. Team Ninja and Tecmo did produce a top notch Metroid which is both challenging and brings back the retro feel. I think they could have done this game some next gen justice and provided some achievements for the challenging portions. A bonus head-stomp combo would have been great, if your timing is just right. Even though they excelled in adding variations to gameplay and the storyline, they still provided a “Metroid” experience than we have been used to.

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[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+Unique gameplay
-FPS mode needed final tweak
-No achievements

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