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Published on June 23rd, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

SpecOps:The Line

Before going into this demo at E3, I had only seen a gameplay video and a few screens. The gameplay made it seem like this was just another shooter that revolved around our modern day war. It’s just war, right? SpecOps: The Line, does happen in a real world place. The scene is Dubai. The weapons are real, the guns are real, and the decisions you make about a human life are as real as it gets.

Developed by 2K Games and YAGER (BioShock),the story drops the player in the not so distant future where huge sandstorms have taken out a whole city. It has left some of the magnificent looking buildings in shape and preserved on the inside, but the streets are run rampant by malicious thugs and combat. Enter Captain Martin Walker, leader of an elite Delta Force team. He has been sent to bring back a U.S. army soldier, Colonel John Konrad. With that being said, SpecOps:The Line looks like it will have a gripping story and will easily draw you in.

One of the best scenes that I have seen so far was from the demo at E3. Dropping into one of the preserved buildings and viewing some of the sand devastated areas gave a definite magnitude of the situation. Shooting some of the glass architecture gave you a way out and gave the environment an interactive aspect that 2K presents in many of their games. I don’t want to spill everything about this demo because there is a beta in the future to come!

One of the things that producers Greg Kasavin and Chris Thomas from 2K Games emphasized,were the dramatic storyline that would prove to draw you in. This statement was immediately followed by a scene after Captain Walker had escaped from the sand swallowed building and made his way down a few clicks. The corridors of a once prominent sidewalks were littered with graffiti and propaganda threatening life and presenting death as the only way out. The next scene was one that proved SpecOps will be a title to watch out for. After panning around the sand stricken areas and making our way to view the top of the streets, it was about to get real in this demo. The street ahead was lined with hanging bodies that were dangling from light posts that used to keep out the darkest of night. Now the darkness has made its way into daylight and it seems like these guys are more than just monsters. How do you kill a monster? With heavy guns of course.

The next scene was spent caught in a firefight. While the 3rd person cover system is not something new, the design was very intuitive. Greg Kasavin let us know that SpecOps was a highly close quarter combat game. After sticking an enemy with a grenade and making our way through the authentic map, an almost beautiful scene of fire and flames made its way onto the screen. While running for cover, flames came down from the sky and sparkled as they lit up the enemies left in the street. After taking out a few, we made our way to the second floor of a building to witness a dramatic scene.

We are now presented with a human option and a sniper rifle to make the decision. While Greg Kasavin talked about the situation we were presented with, we all watched wondering what was going to happen and how it would end. I do not want to spoil this for anyone. With that being said, I will tell you that there was a decision to make and there was also not a right or wrong, but simply to make a choice and live with it.


Keep a lookout for the Beta!

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