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Published on May 11th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Retrofit: Overload review

Release Date: May 8, 2010
Developer: Wam! Games
Platform: Xbox LIVE Indie Game

Retrofit: Overload by Wam! Games is a pretty easy to understand and fun to play indie game in the XboxLive Arcade. It is a basic top down shooter that has you gunning and taking cover for your lives. It is another great game that can be found in the XboxLive Arcade in the Indie section for almost the same price as a small bag of your favorite chips, $1! Hmmmm flaming red crunchy goodness or shoot’em up space invaders on steroids? STEROIDS!

There is not much to the game. There are varying enemies, which keeps the game challenging, as well as power-ups and an onslaught of tiny multi-colored ships that explode like a shot from a roman candle. The game does a great job of looking retro, but brings the support of 720P with a blast, literally. The power ups in the game are shield as well as the weapon upgrades. These are denoted by a shield and a star icon after blasting through walls of enemies.

“It’s like the mist is what’s pretty, ya know all gold and silver.”

The great thing about Retrofit: Overload is that you can overload yourself or a friend with all the retroness this game has to offer. It has a two player mode, which may or may not be to your liking. There is a LOT of commotion on screen, but it doesn’t seem to take away from the enjoyment. Whether it’s the joystick or directional pad that has you bobbing and weaving, it is sure to have your squeezing both triggers to save your life.

I was just trying to find some parking and someone had to fire off a laser. It was self defense!

The only real bone to pick I have with this game is the lack of space, in space. The sides of the screen do keep the game moving as well as not to have ships shooting off all over the place. It works well but it does seem to limit the mobility of your ship. The lack of music does not really seem to bother me, but you are able to choose your own while you splatter alien pixels.

I would definitely recommend Retrofit: Overload to anyone out there who likes a little shooter action or is a big fan of Space Invaders or any scrolling shooters. Anyone remember Image Fighter, NES? <–Fav game! Anyways, if you are going to spend $1 for a worthwhile shooter, do it here!

Check it out on XboxLive Arcade

[xrr label=”Rating: 9/10″ rating=9/10]

+Challenging gameplay
+80 MS points or $1
+Custom music and co-op
+Online leader boards
-Small level issues

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