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Published on April 9th, 2010 | by Bryant Kazmerzak, Contributor

I can almost hear the hounds..

Raise your hand if you like Mega Man.

Keep your hand raised if you enjoy good music.

Now put your hand down. Why? Because you look silly sitting in front of a computer randomly raising your hand.

Just TRY to tell me that this picture isnt awesome.

At PAX East this year, a special band calling themselves The Protomen performed, much to the joyous review of nearly everyone who listened. These wonderful men and women, using a combination of “rock” and/or “roll” (Heh, Mega Man reference =P ), create awesome medleys catering to the Mega Man fan young and old.

As a child who grew up playing Mega Man, and Mega Man X, I can tell you, fair reader that I get very nostalgic when I listen to their music.

Their CD’s tell a story; when Dr. Wily rose to power in a dystopian future, Dr. Light grew tired of sitting idly, watching as Wily’s machines destroyed and oppressed. So, The Good Doctor created Protoman, the ultimate combination of man and machine, to put an end to the tyrant. However, Proto was overcome by Wily’s machines, and betrayed by the very people he tried to save. In the end, Light was left broken and grieving, with only his machines to keep him company. So, he created Mega, a lab assistant robot. When he told Mega about Protoman, and how much of a hero he was, Mega sought to follow in his footsteps and put an end to Wily.

EDIT: A kind reader from the Penny Arcade Forums kindly corrected me here:

“Act II is a prequel. It chronicles a younger Light and Wily building the first robots together. Of course, Wily betrays him, Emily’s there, he takes over the city, all that shit. But the “Joe” referenced in the second half isn’t a Sniper Joe (in fact, this Joe kills the Sniper in “Keep Quiet”). He’s just a boy who’s sick of living in Wily’s city. And the work Light has to do at the end of “Here Comes the Arm” is the building of Protoman–leading back to the beginning of Act I.”

Thanks, Robit (AKA “Sarge” on the Protomen forums)!

The reason why I’m bringing all of this up is because there is a chance that they will NOT be performing at PAX Prime in Seattle. We… Just cannot allow this to happen. So, I have taken it upon myself to form a petition on the official Penny Arcade Forums, so that Gabe and Tycho may see for themselves that The People want The Protomen at The Prime!

Head here for the PA forums, or if you have a Facebook account, head here for the official petition page on there made by my good friend Coleen. If you have a Twitter, which let’s face it, why wouldn’t you, head here for the official Twitter feed of the cause, created by my new friend Cassandra.

Thanks for all the support, readers!

Feel free to mention GAMINGtruth as well, and, if you’re coming to PAX Prime this year, here’s to bumping into you at the concert!

Light up the night!


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