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Published on March 25th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

DSiXL: What’s the XL deal?

Nintendo will unveil the DSiXL March 28, 2010 (this coming Sunday) for $189.99. It boasts a 93% increase in screen size as well as a few other things that may prove to keep those who didn’t snatch the DSi for its stripped GB Advance slot or added camera hanging on for a bigger, better handheld. Does bigger mean better? With the web browser already included and a few other Brain Age applications for launch day, Nintendo seems to be getting closer to perfecting the handheld art.

Although the average consumer may not have had the opportunity to see the stability or the structure of the DSiXL, I can say that it does seem like a very solidly structured piece of work. The glossy exterior does make it look a little sharper than the DSi itself and does seem to have a great “sturdy” feel to it. It also very well resembles “surface tension of water,” in which one engineer, Takaki Fujino, was going for in the preparation stages.

The screens do make more than just a gameplay difference. With the added sensitivity and new and improved pen-size stylus you might be doing more than just saving Peach and squashing Bowser. This coming year we will be seeing other applications and online textbooks adding to the DSware store. But, do not worry; the extensive play goes hand-in-hand with the extra two hour battery life. Here are some of the other specs that are currently boasted by the DSiXL:

4.2″ screen, TFT color liquid crystal (260,000 colors)
2 VGA (0.3) Megapixel cameras
RAM: 16 MB
Flash Memory: 256 MB
CPU Clock Speed: 133MHz
Wireless 802.11 b/g connectivity
Width 161.0mm
Length 91.4mm
Thickness 21.2mm
Stylus length: 96.0mm
Large stylus length: 129.3mm
Weight: about 11.1 ounces
Battery life: 4-5 hours maximum brightness, 13-17 hours minimum brightness
Charging time: three hours (when fully depleted)
Input: DS card slot
SD/SDHC memory card slot
AC adapter
Stereo headphone/Microphone connected terminal

Although the DS handhelds have had more face-lifts than Tiger Wood’s has had pregnant porn star mistresses, it still looks like a viable investment if you didn’t endeavor into DSi territory the first time.

DSiXL review to follow

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