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Published on December 4th, 2009 | by tr3Ks

Gear Review: Tritton AX 720

Gaming Audio, a fantastic part of any gamers inventory of awesomeness.

Something that most people don’t often realize is how much audio makes a difference when playing a game. When I used to play PC games, primarily Counter-Strike from the time I was just around 12 I remembered using speakers, once I was decent and I learned what was truly going on, I remember how people kept telling me to get headphones, and how important they were to use.

When I turned 13 I invested in a Nice Pair of Koss headphones, and by invest I mean took from my dads old collection of music equipment and oh sweet babies did it change my world. I remember being able to watch the hostages and hear people before i could see them, it blew my mind. The intensity at which my gun would fire and grenades would explode was now on an entirely new level. I’ve never used speakers on a PC while gaming since.

Now that that you understand how important Gaming Audio is for me, I realized a while ago that Gaming headphones needed to be implemented on the Console platform. I’ve seen several companies as of late try to get into this market with 3 truly coming out on top. Turtle Beach, Astro Gaming, and Tritton.

I’ve Used Astro Headsets, as well as Turtle Beaches, and they were both impressive, but I never actually owned a pair. I was recently introduced to Tritton through several people that are sponsored by them stating how great they truly were. I wanted to buy a pair and really get into my console gaming experience that much more, I did some research and found the Tritton AX 720s were perfect for my needs.

AX 720 Specs:

  • Digital Optical Connection
  • Dolby® Digital / Pro Logic® II / Dolby® Headphone
  • Inline Audio Controller with Independent Chat Volume Control
  • Voice Compatible with XBox® Live
  • USB Microphone for Playstation® Network /PC/Mac®
  • Removable And Replaceable Ear Pads and Headrail Pad
  • Removable Microphone

These headphones output Dolby Digital Surround Sound and their Ear Pads encompass your entire ear very comfortably. They are a heavy, quality made feeling product, thats not to say that after 10-15 minutes you forget they are even on your head.
The setup is simple and very straight forward I was on my Xbox playing games withing 10 minutes of unboxing the 720s.

Now that I have had some time with this system, I’ve played MW2, SF4, Rainbow 6 Vegas 2, Forza 2 (not 3), Brutal Legend, and a few other games, I have to say that this system is amazing. Everything is clear, loud, and intense. Forget having other things in the house distract you like you can be with speakers, these things cancel out most audio, including people no less than a few feet away when game sounds are on.

Another thing that is great about these, I can enjoy my games at a volume level they are meant to be played at, without disturbing my girlfriend.  so for those of you with kids or maybe even new ones on the way, this could be a great investment for you so you don’t wake up the baby when you call in a stealth bomber in MW2.

If you are looking to bring a new level to your gaming, i definitely recommend putting some surround sound on your head with these AX 720s from Tritton. They cost 129.00 and are available for purchase at most Best Buy locations.

Oh and sorry for not being around for a bit. but hey, I’m Baaaaack 😀

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