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Published on July 16th, 2009 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Sucka' Free Accessories

In my eyes, the Nintendo Wii was introduced to relieve us from button mashing and mundane gameplay. With that said, are we bound to it by the mere accessories that were created to release us from this repetitive ball and chain way of play?! Ahhh, I think I just blew my thumb stick. Well anyways, I just wanted to give a few opinions about some of the Wii accessories available, a few, being that there are more accessories available than pairs of underwear in your top drawer.

The Go’s:

Wii Zapper
Okay okay, it’s just a plastic holster. I think that this is one of the problems that occur more often than not. Unlike the Wii wheel, which I will get to, there are not many games that utilize this in a great way. Call of Duty 3, Resident Evil, Ghost Squad, The house of the Dead: Overkill, ummmm, Resident Evil 4 and a few others that probably are not worth the mention. This would have been a great asset to games such as The Conduit or Metroid, but the access to the nunchuck is its biggest flaw and used by both games. Also, the awkwardness of the gun setup takes a little getting used to. It does have its perks with shooter games to get the real feel.

Psyclone touch and charge:
This is actually a really good alternative to the normal battery binge. Although I have spent most of my days poppin’ out my 360 wireless controller batteries and moving them into their Wiimote home for the time being, this is better than the hassle. From the darkest of darks, finally, something worthwhile. The battery life is actually decent and it is the “lazy persons” charge system. Set it and forget it!

Wii HD Cables:
Some of the best ones that have lasted without any problem since day one are the GameStop brand blue snake print cables. They do make quite a bit of difference and for those who are utilizing their a/v inputs for other consoles or switchbox, it’s a little easier to just have another HD instead. Also, if you are switching between three systems with HD cables themselves and do not exactly have enough room and/or time to move your TV multiple times you can just utilize them that way.

Squeezie Cases/Grips
One item that I don’t think there is quite the need for but can come in very handy. Nintendo started issuing these love gloves when people starting going all out and tossing remotes through plasmas. They are all pretty much alike, except for a few providing more contours than others do. What I have noticed more often are the prices being marked up by other companies when people do not know that they can just order them for free online. If you have not done so already, you probably should go on to the Nintendo website and order them. They prove to have a better grip when turning the Wiimote sideways and take a little more abuse. Hey if anything, they’re free! Except for shipping ?.

Wii Wheel
There is a lot that can be said about this perhipreal. Games like Mario Kart Wii and believe it or not Excite Bots actually makes great use. It is often overlooked and at a decent price. The other brands wheel may look similar, but it is lighter and thinner and does not provide the same kind of grip. Just go for it and spend the plastic for the plastic.

Wii Balance Board
Although it has not been used much for fitness, the balance board provides a lot of other functionality to its games. It may not be the widest board in the world, but it’s still pretty responsive. Games like Punch Out, Skate It, and Sean White are reasons to own it, and Wii fit is kind of cool too. Even as more than a casual gamer, I found that playing Punch Out was a lot more fun when weaving in and out.

Wii Sports sets: You may have to get the Wii Motion Plus! For the real feel, but don’t buy into these foam couch cushions made to fit Wiimotes. They won’t make you get any less spanked by your 9-year-old sister and they don’t make the remote any more responsive. They just seem like a huge waste and a way for stores to tack on sales, especially for something that already has a billion other things to go with it. Have extra, buy rechargeable!

Wii Speak: It’s a great idea. Yeah, there is Wii Speak, the channel, and Animal Crossing. If the Wii was a system that prides itself on accessories, then give us options so WE can make decisions. Why do the Wiimotes communicate via Bluetooth and yet, we are not able to have Bluetooth headsets available? That one took a long walk off a short pier.

Imitators: For those companies out there who are just trying to make a buck and ruin the actual productivity for other companies, STOP! Just like when the NES first debuted and garbage third party companies came along and produced equally garbage games that played on the NES, there are those out there making accessories that just degrade the quality of the Wii.

Accessories: The Wii points, Balance board, and some of the battery kits are not too lame. But the other 6 million things just throw the newbie gamer off and they end up with some pretty mediocre items in their cabinet. The other problem is they might be steering away potential gamers for the next generation of Nintendo gamers. Although they have always had their nostalgies, they still might be losing those who have their Wii as their first system.

Next in Wii: Girl gamers makin’ moves and The Next Hottest Games: No More Heroes 2 and a few others!

About the Author

I am Greg, aka LaWiiG. Thanks for coming to take a look around! Retro is the way to go! Do yourself a favor and show love by playing retro games.

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