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The Conduit Review

Developer: High Voltage Software
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release Date: June 23, 2009

There is a lot to say about the Sega published game “The Conduit.” It has a very good look on the Wii and the visuals in the game will leave you a little surprised.

It starts out flashing a few times from present to past, and then back again. You play as agent Michael Ford who is part of the Trust. The group is wrapped up in an alien/bio chemical weapons scandal involved with the U.S. governement and an unknown entity. There is also a little bit of mystery as to what is going on, but things start coming together and making sense as the story progresses. This is especially the case with the A.S.E “the all seeing eye” at your side.

Hittin’ the sticks: The gameplay is both simple, complex, and sometimes frustrating. The button layout can pretty much change to whatever you want, minus the motion controls, which are tied to the Wii remote and the nunchuck, but even those can be flipped. Other than that crouching, jumping, reload, weapon change, etc., all of the other controls stand true to any other FPS. It is a little more freeing though to throw grenades with the nunchuck, but the melee gets in the way when returning to aim at the next enemy. It might be a little frustrating at first, even for Wii gamers, the curve gets a little easier as you progress. I would recommend playing this though as you would any other FPS that uses the normal dual sticks. Meaning, it feels comfortable to make quick turns and move out, around enemies, and not necessarily straight at them.

The Look: It looks good. Hands down it matches some of the better 1st party games from Nintendo. Some of the mapping and patterns look a great at some times and just good at others. I just don’t know if those out there playing without the HD cables and without a decent TV might not get the whole effect. But if you are playing without these, I bet you’re not reading this article. Some enemies might prove to be a little repetitive at first, but as the game progresses, they start to vary. Minus the non-radar gameplay, it is one of the better-looking games for Wii.


Mmmm, I like : This game could have been a really good game. There are still minor glitches which for whatever reason occurred, ::cough:: ::cough:: first level infirmary puzzle on wall. There were also a couple times where enemies got caught in the ground and were barely moving but still attacked when they were moved over. Also, a simple radar would have been greatly appreciated!

Gamers Truth: I’m not gonna lie, in the beginning I died countless times. I was starting to actually dislike the game itself. I felt like I should be used to the controls by now and finally after the online play they felt a little more comfortable. The actual time managing the controls left me dying and trying because of the real time adjustments.

Yes it looks good, yes a decent first person shooter for Wii, but it does not really shine until after the 2nd mission. The story really starts to pick up and progress and the weapons start to become really, really, good. The A.S.E. also lends a large hand in revealing content, detonating invisible bombs, and revealing your next path.

The weapon selection and online play are by far the best parts of this game. The online play goes amazingly. There’s a voting system that is used to determine the next game to choose weapons, maps, and what type of game. The only lag that I could honestly detect was during the campaign in areas with large enemies and large weapons. Get it, play it, enjoy it.

[xrr label=”Rating: 7.1/10″ rating=7.1/10]

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