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Published on March 11th, 2008 | by Daniel David

NovaStrike Announced For The PS3

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NovaStrike Trailer

Tiki Games has announced NovaStrike for the PS3 today. NovaStrike is a top-down shooter expecting to hit the PSN early 2008.

If you watch the trailer NovaStrike is a bit different from the rest. NovaStrike is more open and looks a bit more tactical in my opinion.

Kevin McCann, president and creative director of Tiki Games said:

Tiki Games is committed to putting out high-quality titles that bring something new to the table.

NovaStrike takes its roots from the toughest shoot-’em-ups, and brings that gameplay into a free-roaming, unpredictable space — and when players think they’ve conquered that, our continued support for the game will keep them on their toes with all-new game content.

I like what I’m hearing. Below are the main features of NovaStrike.

* Seven expansive challenging stages driven by objective-based goals
* Free-roaming flight: there aren’t any rails here, so players can fly in any direction
* Progressive weapon acquisition and upgrade system: as the player collects weapon drops from enemy ships the weapons themselves become available to the Scythe — there are nine base weapon systems, each with three subsequent upgrade levels
* Air and ground targets: two separate weapon systems allow the player to combat both air and ground opponents
* Multi-sectioned enemies where individual components can be destroyed; for example, carriers have hangars that launch fighters — these hangars can be destroyed independently of destroying the Carrier, preventing the Carrier from launching additional fighters
* Multitude of enemies and environments: players combat enemy fighters, bombers, kamikazes, aces, carriers, and destroyers, all leading to an end-boss fight
* You’re not alone: friendly fighters, bombers, and destroyers will aid you in your efforts to vanquish the Draelus invasion
* DualShock 3 support
* Continuing support: Tiki Games will be developing additional content for NovaStrike throughout 2008

I love top-down shooters and this is looking pretty nice. Hopefully early 2008 means real soon.

Source: IGN

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