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Published on January 7th, 2008 | by Daniel David

Unreal Tournament 3 Action Cam v1.0 Released For PC & PS3

I’m not going to post every time a mod for the PC/PS3 is released but this one is special. Epic Forum member Fall has released a mod for the PC and cooked it for PS3 using Unreal’s Beta Tools to release Action Cam v1.0.

What Action Cam does is provided an over the shoulder view like Gears of War for Unreal Tournament 3 allowing you play in 3rd person like in picture above. This mod works very well (I played it on the PS3) but Fall is already working on an improved version to fix some bugs listed below.

  • Some mutator incompatability, the current 1.0 release is a bit sloppy and replaces the Pawn and Controller, something that is already remedied in the next release.
  • In a multiplayer game, the player model can become invisible to other players if the client’s camera clips into his player model. This is bad, but it’s also fixed in the next release.
  • Not so smooth transition to and from feign death.

I’ve had people turn invisible from time to time but I love this mod. A 3rd person mod was something a lot of people wanted and now they got it. You can download this mod for the PC or PS3 below at the links below. The PS3 mod once extracted is already in the right folder set-up so no problems there if you forgot.



The power of the mod community. Download and get back to playing UT3, 3rd person awaits you.

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