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Published on November 28th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Vote in the GTR 2007 Xbox Community Awards

Well, it’s that time again. Don’t know what time I’m referring to? Good – that gives me reason to explain!

Gamertag Radio is holding the GTR 2007 Xbox Community Awards, and they’re giving out prizes to both the winners and the voters! The categories are as follows:

  • Podcast of the Year
  • Community Site of the Year
  • Best Fansite Based on a Game
  • News Site of the Year
  • XBL Marketplace Download of the Year
  • Blog of the Year
  • Team/Community of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year
  • Community Member of the Year

Part of the fun is that GAMINGtruth has been nominated in the Blog of the Year category! As far as the category goes, here are the contenders:

That’s due to be a serious battle, as I know those to be fairly awesome sites. Honestly, I’m surprised to be seen as qualified to go up against them, particularly AeroPause and Unscripted360 – they’ve been doing this quite a bit longer than I have!

As far as the prizes go, you’ll definitely be interesting in participating. Check out the goodies:

1) EA Package (Only 1 Winner)

– Gilbert Arenas and Kevin Durant signed basketball (NBA LIVE 08 and March Madness 08 cover guy)
– Kane Bobbleheads (3) and a signed Joe “Kane” Kucan photo (1).
-A free Copy Of Medal Of Honor

2)Microsoft Package (3 Winners)

-3 LIVE is 5 T-Shirts (L or XL at random)
-3 copies of PGR4
-3 copies of the Halo 3 soundtrack

3)Activision Package (1 Winners)

-Guitar Hero 3 game and wireless guitar

And those are just for the voters! Any site that wins in a category will also receive prizes to give away for their site. Way to go, GTR!

So if you’re interested in this contest at this point, you’ll need to head over to the GTR Xbox Community Awards forum, register, and vote. To be eligible for the prizes, you need to vote for all categories and post in this thread. You have until December 8th to vote, so get on it – I have!

Thanks to the team over at Gamertag Radio for nominating me, and good luck to both the voters and the other nominees!

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