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Published on November 2nd, 2007 | by Daniel David

Folklore Review

Developer: Game Republic
Platform: PlayStation 3 [Reviewed]
Release Date: October 9, 2007

Folklore byGameRepublicis a game which follows the quest of Ellen and Keats in thevillageofDoolinwhere legends say the living can meet the dead. Ellen heads to Doolin in search of her mother after receiving a letter from her who she believed died 17 years ago and to remember her past.

Keats, and editor for an occult magazine receives a mysterious phone call from a woman asking for his help before she is cut off and so he heads to Doolin himself to investigate and to get a good story.

When they arrive they find a woman murdered on a cliff which string of events goes back 17 years ago and the only way to solve this mysteries is to talk to the dead, only possible by visiting the Netherworld.

This is where Folklore begins to shine. The story only takes place in Doolin but you must travel to different Netherworld realms to seek out the dead who know information about what really happened 17 years ago.

You can play as either Ellen or Keats but you must play as both to beat the game, you can’t use one character exclusively. Each character story is told in chapters so you can switch characters after their chapter is done. I suggest playing each chapter one at a time for each character; the story unwinds better that way. There are also side-quest too which net you rare Folk, items for your adventure and explains some back story.

The story is told in three different formats. One is a comic book style approach which works well though some may not find it appealing since no voiceovers are present in those scenes. Second is renders of the characters on the screen talking to each other with no voiceovers either. Third is told by cut scenes with full voiceovers and I would like to have seen more of those. I personally love the comic book approach but they move kind of slow at times but you can speed them up or view them again if you happened to miss something. Voiceovers aren’t bad either.

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