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Published on October 18th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

FF:VII Invades Square Enix Online Store

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan that enjoys action figures, you’ll likely be happy to note that the Square-Enix store will be updated soon to contain the second installment of figures based on characters from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Play Arts Vol. 2 includes Yuffie, Reno, and Kadaj – familiar faces if you’ve watched the movie – and will be available at the Official Square Enix Store this coming weekend.

Previous Final Fantasy stories have Play Arts and are being added to the store later this month as well.

Final Fantasy VIII Play Arts

  • Squall

Final Fantasy X Play Arts

  • Tidus
  • Auron

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Play Arts

  • Cloud, Sephiroth and Vincent
  • Cloud & Fenrir set

So if you’re looking forward to these figures, October is going to be a fairly busy month for you!

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