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Published on July 11th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

E3 2007: PSP Redesign launches in September

The much rumored PSP redesign has been announced at E3 2007.

From Kaz Harai:

“We are introducing the world to the evolution of the PSP … What I’m holding is the newest version of the PSP, which will be available in September. It’s not too different, it still has UMD and the same screen, but once you have it in your hand, youll see the difference. It’s 33% lighter, 19% slimmer, and the battery is much improved.”

You can’t beat upgrading a console, especially when the battery gets improvements as well! The plan is to release it with a 1GB memory card and Daxter.

Not only that, there are a couple new colors. Piano Black, Ice Silver, and a new Star Wars Battlefront pack, which includes a white PSP with Darth Vader’s image on the back.

New PSP Colors

There’s even a new feature that allows output to TVs, so if you’re interested in playing your PSP movies in Hi-Def, you can do exactly that.

Sounds like a lot of awesome. Stay tuned for more news as we get it!

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