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Published on July 9th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Official, PS3 price drop and 80GB model coming

The 60GB PS3 $100 price drop we reported earlier wasn’t really official but now its confirmed along with the 80GB PS3 model coming next month.

The 80GB model also comes with a copy of MotorStorm which will cost $599. This will become available in August. This new model primary for the new download service they have coming soon which includes videos, movies, games, trailers and other stuff.

The 60GB model has been dropped by $100 like mentioned before and is effective immediately in North America. The 60GB PS3 now cost $499

Good news even though I think they could of done without the 80GB model but nevertheless the main point is that you can get the PS3 with all the features unlike how the 20GB model was. Now they need to mention at E3 that a rumble Sixaxis is coming soon and show of some new exclusive games and I think they will be in a good position to gain back some of the support they lost from the customers.

If your planning on buying a PS3 which version are you going to get, the now cheaper 60GB or new 80GB with MotorStorm?

Source: Playstation Blog

Edit: The box in picture (it’s not big enough to see sorry) says it’s a limited edition bundle which is the 80GB with MotorStorm so I don’t know if the 80GB is here to stay or not. Just wanted to point that out.

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