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Published on July 6th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Bungie Releases Halo 3 Campaign Screenshot – Riots Ensue

It’s a fresh memory to me. Playing the Halo 3 Beta and being in 12-person rooms where at least half of the people playing were saying something to the extent of “This is barely an upgrade to Halo 2!”

I laughed then, and I’ll laugh now. Bungie has just released a screenshot of the Halo 3 campaign – and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re still not convinced that Halo 3 will be amazing, you just don’t like Halo.

Here’s the update from Bungie:

Well, well well, what’s going on here? We’re saying nothing about what’s going on in the above image other than it is a screenshot taken in-game from Halo 3. You may now commence rabid speculation, inevitably followed by wishing that you were friends with a super genius doctor who was willing to drive you to Sept. 25 in his ’80s sports car. Want a meatier version? Peep the screenshots gallery.

Want to see it for yourself? Have a look:

Halo 3 Campaign Screenshot

You’ll probably want to check out the screenshots gallery then, right? Right.

Let’s consider the entire Halo 3 graphics argument closed, shall we?

Inside Bungie : News 7/5/2007 []

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