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Published on June 30th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Madden, NCAA, All-Pro Football runs at 60fps on the 360, 30fps on the PS3

With the PS3 having a hard first year news like this doesn’t make it any better. Madden 08, NCAA 08 and All-Pro Football 08 will run at 60 fps on the Xbox 360 while PS3 versions are locked at 30 fps. As which has been the case for the most part with multi-platform titles these games will run smoother and faster on the Xbox 360.

With all eyes looking at Sony here is there response, “We have already proven that sports titles can run on the PlayStation 3 at true HD with 1080p output with NBA 07,” says Dave Karraker, Sony CEA’s senior director of corporate communications. “If you have questions about specific third-party games, you should speak to those publishers.”

EA’s vice president of marketing sports branding replied:

“We want to make sure that we give the best experience we can on each platform. In designing a game, there are all sorts of tradeoffs that include frame rate, visuals, features, AI, etc. Football is an extremely challenging sport to replicate because of the number of people on the field, their interaction, and the scope of the environments. As you can see, every company making a football game this year made a decision that the best experience for the Xbox 360 included 60fps whereas the best experience for the PS3 was 30fps. We certainly believe that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are our football products are outstanding experiences and recommend that each gamer look at the entire experience, not just one aspect. We think they’ll be very happy no matter which version of the game they play.”

2K Sports has not made a comment on this issue so far.

Good for 360 owners bad for PS3 owners, while not all bad. For the most part you still receive the same game and if the PS3 is your only console then pick-up the game football game you want, they should be good to play. If you own both get the 360 version.

Is this a result of the PS3 being hard to develop for or are the devs not wanting to spend the extra time porting to the PS3? Either way Sony should step in and give 3rd-party devs the help needed. I know for a fact if I owned both I would get the 360 version.

My personal opinion is that I think its a little bit of both being hard to port to the PS3 and it being harder to develop for. I think most 3rd-party titles are going to continue to be like this for the PS3 for a while until devs learn more about the PS3 or Sony steps in to help.

Source: 1up

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