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Published on June 29th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Updated to 'FREE'

In a move that’s sure to please both Rainbow Six players, the mysterious pack that went missing on Xbox Live earlier this week, has been updated. The former price: 800 MS Points. The new price: FREE.

Those gamers who’ve already downloaded the content will be reimbursed within eight to ten weeks. Here’s a quote from Major Nelson’s blog:

‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Downloadable Content for Xbox 360 Live was originally intended to be free content for the fans of Rainbow Six Vegas. We apologize for the error. All players who purchased the Black Pack will be reimbursed automatically.* The Black Pack will be posted Saturday June 30th and will be free of charge. Also, as a token of our appreciation for the Rainbow Six community, we are making the Red Pack free as of Friday July 6th as well. Thanks for playing and we hope you enjoy this free content.’

Talk about serving the community! This move is both awesome, but inevitable though. With the PlayStation 3 version releasing with the Black Pack on disc for the same price, the extra 800 MS Points ($10) would’ve made the 360 copy of the game more expensive without cause.

I’m even considering buying RS:V simply because there’s guaranteed content already available for free over Xbox Live. Does anyone have firsthand experience with it? Would you suggest it?

Any way it goes, this is great news for Rainbow Six gamers, and I’m sure they’ll spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the new content soon.

Rainbow Six Vegas Black Pack Update (good news) [Major Nelson]

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