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Published on May 28th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gamerscore Blog Road Tour 2007 Hits Miami

When Microsoft throws an invite-only party – and you get an invite – your only option is to go and get down. That’s exactly what I did.

This past Saturday in Miami was the Miami stop in the Gamerscore Blog Road Tour 2007, and I was lucky enough to get invited. Untold levels of awesomeness ensued…

When I got there, I was an hour and a half early. Just as I was about to leave, I saw the GSB crew arriving and introduced myself to the team. They were gracious enough to allow me upstairs early. Honestly I was actually hoping to help set up, but the crew was mostly done so I was introduced to the HDTVs and told to make myself at home, which I did. Right in front of Forza 2. As I was getting used to the controls I heard my GT called out…

When I turned around, I was greeted with my very own Xbox 360 Track Jacket with my Gamertag on the back. You can see mine in the story’s image, but there was literally a stack of them for the invited guests:

Gamertag Jackets

After being handed the jacket, I looked around and finally noticed the four massive HDTVs – each with an Xbox 360, at least two controllers, and in most cases a pre-release game: Forza 2, Shadowrun, Guitar Hero II, and a game I’m not sure I can talk about yet (I’ll tell you that it’s AWESOME, though). On two smaller screens, Project Sylpheed, Track and Field, MadTracks, and Carcassone were showcased.

I got to meet the primary faces of Gamerscore Blog in person, along with a TON of other members of the Xbox 360 community. I won’t pretend to remember every site, but I do have a quote from GSB with everyone’s Gamertag:

We had a great time in South Florida (apart from the cab ride from hell, and the rainy, windy trip to the beach). Tonight, we got to hang out with Godfree, JVB, Zamees, K Rock XP, TekunoRobby, DaKing240, PMS Harlequin, Deejay Knight, XboxLiveMonkey, DC Crash, and some other great community members.

If you’re looking for pictures, there are at least three Flickr galleries to choose from: stalalem, DirtyDiva, and Godfree each had their own camera, so make sure to check out the galleries.

Now, let’s get down to the hotness that everyone wants to hear! Head to the next page for info on the games!

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