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Published on April 26th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Shame on Xbox Live Marketplace, Shame on you

Xbox Live Marketplace is starting to get kind of funny. Guitar Hero 2 high prices for their song packs was one thing, horse armor was funny too but now I have an option to pay 100 points for a COG tag location or if you want them all that will cost you 500 points. HA!

Get serious now, 100 points per location, this is just retarded. I hope to God nobody buys this and while I’m writing this I’m sure those videos have already hit youtube by now. This is just another way to get you spend money on worthless stuff like this.

I understand people buy strategy guides which is for the whole damn game but to think for a moment at the day where you would have to pay for a damn COG tag location is ridiculous. Use the internet people ( is great).

The Marketplace is not looking to good if these kind of things are beginning to happen. The worst part about this is that some people are probably going to buy it which in turn is only going to increase meaningless things like this to happen more and more. What was once a good thing is slowly dying in front of our eyes.


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