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Published on February 24th, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Euro PS3 Undergoes Major Hardware Changes

Just when you thought the Sony-hating was near complete, they go and change something major. The European PS3 is set to undergo major hardware changes before launch.

The biggest problem is what this change implies for the rest of the world.

Sony needs to start finding ways to save money on manufacturing PlayStation 3s, but most assumed that would come from cheaper chips became and more affordable Blu-ray production. Not so for Europe, however, as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today they’re actually removing the chips that allow for hardware-based backwards compatibility. They’re going the Xbox 360 route and attempting software emulation for the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 game libraries.

We’ve contacted both SCEE and SCEA for comment on the issue. What’s to stop Sony from instituting the same policy on future revisions of American hardware?

Is it just me, or is this not the time for Sony to consistently have bad announcements? The media has been hammering them with negative press since launch, and they drop this news? I don’t think thats going to help too much.

Realistically, this move was very likely to lower the cost per unit of PS3 hardware, but at what gain for the consumer? By removing hardware from their European launch units, they’re effectively removing value from their console, while the price stays higher than the majority of the world. Not a good look, Sony.

When you get down to it, there are a lot of things that this news implies, and it’s a pretty mixed bag:

  • They’re lowering the cost of the PS3 hardware, which helps their bottom line.
  • By moving to software updates, they’ve lost support for the majority of PS2 titles out of the box – and doing exactly what they blasted Microsoft for before the 360 launched.

As much as I enjoy the back-and-forth nature of the console wars, it hurts to see so much negative press being brought against one of them. At least it would hurt if the affected party wasn’t doing the damage to themselves.

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