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Published on February 1st, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

PS3 the early winner according to GamePro

Well, well, well. Apparently, they’ve already pegged the PS3 the early winner in this battle of the console wars.

Yea, I thought that was a bit early, too.

They’ve decided to peg all three consoles against one another in a battle to decide which console is the best overall. Here’s what they’ve come up with:

Sure, the recent negative press on the PS3s high price is definitely a factor for consumers, but the probable 10-year life cycle of the system could mean not having to shell out for another console 5 years from now. And its all about the games, really. Even after losing the GTA exclusive, Sonys list of PS3-only games is a great reason to own a PS3, even if its not for another 9 months.

The other driving factor about Sony is that its developers are taking chances with new games on the PS3. Look at the amount of new franchises coming to the PS3, and thats a boon for the consumer.

That’s crazy. Claiming a console as the early winner within three months is a bit extreme, isn’t it?

The thing that gets me the most is that each of the consoles will be getting a large amount of exclusives, so i’m just a bit confused over the whole thing.

This sounds more like a chance to predict the winners in this war, and they’re taking a chance hoping that if they’re right, they can brag about it.

Now, i’m even more intrigued to see who wins, just to see what their response would be if they turn out to be wrong…

System Sellers: The Showdown [via]

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