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Published on January 31st, 2007 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

EA to release demos for NBA Homecourt & Def Jam: Icon?

I’m looking forward to both Def Jam: Icon and NBA Homecourt, so when I heard that EA could be releasing demos for the duo around the same time, I got highly interested…

Supposedly, the demos are both due to drop on either the first of February or the first week of February – either way, i’m down. Here’s a bit more info:

Hot off the mumblings about Electronic Arts delivering an NBA Street: Homecourt demo soon, there’s word of another demo from EA but this time it’s EA’s Def Jam: Icon The demo is scheduled keyword to drop this Thursday, February 1st.

Def Jam: Icon Demo [via Unscripted 360]

WorthPlaying reports that an Xbox Live demo for NBA street Homecourt is set to be released on the first week of February, and the demo should at the least include one court and 3 vs. 3 mode.

Word on the NBA Street demo [via QJ.NET]

That’s definitely going to keep me in the house for a couple days! Here’s hoping this rumor proves true, because having good demos released before the game ships helps sales. Technically, the strength of the Def Jam and NBA Street franchises almost guarantees good sales, but demos go a long way to helping those on the fence to make up their mind…

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