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Published on January 24th, 2007 | by Daniel David

NBA Street: Homecourt Preview

I hope everyone read and enjoyed the NCAA March Madness 07 review because I was also fortunate enough to play the main event: NBA Street: Homecourt, and let me say this before I go on any further, this game is #$%#ing incredible! Many fans felt that Vol. 3 of NBA Street wasn’t as good as Vol. 2 and the team behind the Street series knows that, so they addressed any problems you might have had and made the game into something fantastic.

Homecourt is based upon actual hometown courts of some NBA players, meaning the courts you see in the game are the places where players like Carmelo Anthony and Rip Hamilton played when they were growing up. From the court to the surroundings, it’s real. I think it’s a good decision to go this way since it gives you a more personal connection with the players and if your from where, lets say Carmelo is from, you will no doubt recognize the courts and reminisce about it yourself.

EA went out and got actual players to participate but most notably Carmelo Anthony and Rip Hamilton contributed the most to the game. You’ll notice Carmelo doing a lot of dialogue for the game, as he is kind of the main character. Hamilton did a lot providing EA with lots of detail of his home court and actually showing them around his hometown.

Before I go in-depth with the gameplay, I wanted to explain a little about the gamebreaker. If you’ve played previous versions, then you already have an understanding of how to do tricks and score to fill up your gamebreaker meter. When the meter at the top of the screen is filled, you can actually unleash the gamebreaker. I’ll talk more about them later since there’s been changes made to it, but I wanted to lay the groundwork first so everybody understands at least what it is.

Now lets get down to the gameplay. I writing this for the Xbox 360 standpoint because that’s what I played it on but from what we were told, the PS3 version should be about the same. The Trick-remixer (all the cool juke moves you can do) are done with the X button, with the shoulder buttons as modifiers. The best thing about the Trick-Remixer is that you are in complete control over what you do. The faster you tap the X button, the faster your player will perform crossover moves. If you put a little pressure on X he’ll do a different trick and if you press it down all the way a different trick. These all work with the modifiers to so hold down a shoulder and you’ll get a different trick with the X button, with the same abilities. The Y button does a different set of tricks, but it doesn’t work like the X button. Just hit Y for a trick or with a modifier for a different trick.

The Y button on offense seems to have the least effect, but its more effective then you think. When you engage a player, you can use the Y button to taunt your opponent, such as bouncing the ball of his face, earning a multiplier you can use to earn more points for your gamebreaker. Don’t get too cocky, because just like real life, the defense can take the ball from you when attempting these moves, so be careful.

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