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Published on January 24th, 2007 | by Daniel David

Cellius is born

BandaiNamco and SCEI today announced that they are forming a new Tokyo-based subsidiary company, Cellius, in a bid to develop fresh content for Sony’s Cell Broadband Engine. Everyone’s favorite Ken Kutaragi will be appointed as the company’s new chairman. Doors are expect to open March 6.

This is good news since the PS3 is in bad need of some games. Even though some quality games are heading its way this spring it always good to know that Sony is serious about creating content for its platform. The Cell in the PS3 is powerful and its potential has yet to be tapped into and hopefully they can harness that power into something good.

Edit: Namco Bandai’s Isao Nakamura will be the actual director, Kutaragi will be an absentee director to support Nakamura.


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