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Published on January 5th, 2007 | by Daniel David

BioShock is Xbox 360 only

BioShock is an Xbox 360 exclusive and is not coming to PS3. This has been pretty much established since end of September, but recently a rumor popped up stating that the title was coming to PS3 as well. It all stemmed from a scan (via Kotaku) from what was referred to as “the most recent issue of OPM” stating that the game was “confirmed for PS3”. Problem is, the magazine was actually from September 2006. This was before the Xbox 360 exclusivity was announced.

The battle for the exclusives is bigger then I thought. Wouldn’t devlopers and studios make more money if they sold their games for every system. Madden 07 is on all platforms and it was the best selling game of 2006. But if they did that I guess Sony and Microsoft wouldn’t really profit much. Anyway Xbox 360 fans should be happy, Bioshock is for them only. Doesn’t it make you feel special 🙂


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