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Published on December 31st, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Christmas prank ruins a kid's holiday

Looks like Madden. Smells like Madden. Plays like pr0n. That’s exactly what happened to a lucky surprised 14-year-old, when his copy of Madden 07 wasn’t exactly what he’d expected…

Christmas became XXX-mas for a 14-year-old Layton boy who discovered hard-core pornography on a video game he received as a gift.

Kolton Mahoney was shocked when he put the Madden NFL 07 game in his new Xbox 360 console Christmas day and an explicit image popped up on his television screen.

“This is definitely not Madden,” he said recalling his first thought after seeing the image.

Noone knows who to blame as of yet, but supposedly the game was factory sealed and was labeled like a regular copy of Madden. Any way it goes, that’s a pretty surprising situation indeed. He couldn’t hide it, in case the uncle that bought it for him wanted to play!

I was under the impression that game discs were pressed en masse, so how this could only happen to one copy of the game is pretty suspect. Someone making a single copy of this is the more likely culprit.

Unhappy Christmas surprise [via StandardNET]

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