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Published on December 22nd, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Are You a N00b in Gears of War? Here's a few tips…

Gears Of War

It’s always good to welcome new players into the fold – especially when you’ve been playing a game for over a month before they got it. Some of us still remember the noob days of Gears of War and have come up with a nice introductory list on the basic strategies of Epic’s latest classic.

  • Teamwork is key: Stick together, and use voice-chat to update teammates as to which weapons you have, and where you see enemies. Dont be a hero and run off by yourself or you will quickly get killed, and your teammates will be mad at you.
  • Initial dash: Most matches start off with a mad-dash to the weapons. During this time, plant your strategy whos getting which weapon, what routes will you attack, etc If you dont know the maps, tell your teammates that, and follow someone else until you learn them
  • Learn to retreat: If you are in a bad situation, get out. Use the Roadie-Run “A” button, and steer while running to get back to your teammates or cover. You will usually lose a fight if its 2-on-1
  • Animations: While someone is chainsawing or being chainsawed they are invincible to most weapons head-shot via sniper rifle seems to still work, if they are chainsawing your pal, and you have the lancer, rev your chainsaw and stand behind them – as soon as their animation is done, you will kill them.
  • When to revive/execute: If you and a pal are fighting 2 enemies up-close, and they kill your buddy, your first instinct is to revive him – dont. Wait until its safe, or they will simply kill you both.

That’s pretty good knowledge to drop on a newbie, but the best knowledge I can think of giving someone that’s considering playing online:

Play at least enough of the campaign to get the controls down. There’s nothing worse than joining a game full of battle-hardened Gears that know all the tricks in the book, and finding out that the last person to join your team hasn’t even tried to complete the tutorial yet.

If you’ve never been in that situation, you don’t know what I mean, but those who’ve been playing since launch know the feeling, i’m sure of it.

Thanks to GamerScore Blog for the awesome list – here’s hoping the add the most important rule ;).

Getting Gears of War Soon? Newbies Listen Up [via Gamerscore Blog]

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