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Published on December 4th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Blu-Ray already ripped on PS3

It was only a matter of time, but it’s happened. Linux on the PS3 has allowed users to rip games/movies to the PS3 hard drive.

It only took a few days, but already the Linux PS3 has enabled piracy. As the months continue, users are certain to find other ways to exploit Sonys new console. The fault lies with those committing the crime as the majority of those who download Terra Softs Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 are likely doing so legitimately.

Yea… Giving people access to Linux on a game console isn’t exactly the best idea there is. There are way too many Linux users that know that OS back to front to not expect something of this sort short after launch.

Luckily for Sony, the percentage of users that will even bother to install Linux is small, and the percentage of those who know how to rip anything is probably a lot smaller than that! Also, there’s talk that the kernel used for allowing Linux on the PS3 doesn’t allow deep access to the hardware, so Sony could be sitting pretty when it comes to security but tempting the hacking population?

That’s not the best of ideas, but they’ve got to be comfortable about it to allow users access at all. Could the Cell’s power be utilized to keep hackers out of the system? We’ll see soon enough, when the first firmware updates and ‘mandatory’ updates via new games arrive.

Until then, though, expect Linux users to find out all kinds of techy goodness about the inner workings of the PS3.

Blu-Ray Already Ripped on PS3 [via IGN]

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