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Published on November 10th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo coming to Xbox Live

Lost Planet

If you were as entranced as I was with the surprise Lost Planet demo during the last E3, you’ll love this. Capcom has announced that on November 24th, a Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo is scheduled to hit Xbox Live. To bolster pre-orders, though, Capcom has planned a new system – when you pre-order Lost Planet, you get more immediately enjoyable stuff. Check it out:

In an industry first, Capcom is providing an added incentive to preorder the game with participating retailers. Beginning on “White Friday,” gamers that preorder either the standard or limited Collector’s Edition at participating retailers will receive a special token card. Each of these cards includes a unique code that will allow them to download a separate, special version of the multiplayer demo, which contains an additional “Dilapidation” map, giving them the jump on two of the eight multiplayer environments that will be available in the final game. Never before have players been able to access an exclusive map for a demo on Xbox Live through a retail driven pre-order campaign.

As awesome as the single player demo was at this past E3, i’m sure this demo will rock my proverbial socks all the way off. On top of that, the “upgraded” demo that you only get access to if you pre-order the game is sure to bolster pre-release sales. Considering the fact that most companies watch the pre-orders for their titles, rest assured that they’ll be watching to see what kind of support they get on the 360.

See you in the LP demo when it releases!

Capcom Announces Lost Planet Multiplayer Demo [via TeamXbox]

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