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Published on November 1st, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Ridge Racer 7 to hold 5GB of PS3 HDD

With the negative press about the PlayStation 3 (spelling it in all caps is nonsense) starting to die down and taper off into support, here’s some news about Sony’s new console that neither helps nor hurts the production-crippled console: Ridge Racer 7’s install takes up 5GB of the PS3’s HDD:

Famitsu PS2 quizzed Teramoto on one area thats on everyones mind right now: hard disk support. Ridge Racer 7 makes extensive use of the PS3s hard disk. In addition to saving your game and saving future download contents, the hard disk is used for speeding up gameplay. The game does a hard disk install to the tune of five gigabytes.

That might not bother those receiving the “Premium” 60GB PS3, but those getting the “Core” are definitely going to be hurting for space with 25% of the system’s 20GB taken up by RR7 alone. I don’t know whether to cheer because you can supposedly install a larger hard drive, or jeer because that only raises the price of the already uber-expensive console.

With Genji taking up 4GB on install, the duo will consume nearly half the drive space on the low-end model. I wonder how hard it’ll be to install a new drive, because those gamers that like to build collections may have to keep a couple in wait or install a big ‘un to game without swapping.

Ridge Racer 7 Update [via IGN]

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