Published on January 22nd, 2020 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Super Crush K.O. Review

Editor’s note: A game code was provided for the purpose of review.

Super Crush K.O. instantly grabbed caught my eye with vibrant comic book, hand drawn esthetic. Pleasantly colored with a pastel palette, Super Crush K.O. follows Karen in her journey to save her kidnapped cat, Chubbz.

Super Crush K.O. combines beat-em up arcade style with the traditional run and gun action. The game’s DNA reminds me of classic arcade beat-em ups like Bad Dudes and classic arcade run and gun like Sunset Riders . Each level is separated into four stages and finishing with separate boss stage. The separation of each level into stages allows for great leaderboard incorporation. You will be ranked after each level using the classic S-ranking. In addition, you will have the option to upload your score onto global leaderboards. The ranking and leaderboard system provides great incentive to reply each level to earn all S-ranks and climbing the global leaderboards to master each stage.

The story is simple but it is greatly written. In order to save Chubbz, you will have to fight your way through hordes of robots. The robots seemed to be designed to be natural enemies of cats. Cut scenes have a classic motion comic style bringing funny banter. I wish the story was a little bit more fleshed out allowing more banter.

I found the gameplay surprisingly relaxing. Every time I died, it was a cause of my doing. Death was a learning experience. There were a number of waves where I completed on the verge of dying. Completing each wave leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment. As you progress through the stages you learn new moves like dashes, ground pounds, and multiple combo combinations. Each move has a limited use based on a meter that can be refilled by killing enemies and maintaining a hit streak. Each learned move plays a vital role in future stages as using said move for traversal and position placement during difficult fights.

I am completely infatuated with Super Crush K.O. With fun writing, great style, and fun gameplay I can see myself constantly replying levels when I have limited gaming time. I encourage anyone who enjoys classic arcade games to pick Super Crush K.O. up.

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