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Published on November 18th, 2019 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII: Blackout-One Year Later

There is an entirely new Call of Duty on the market and the changes make the game a must have. Gone is the single player campaign and in is the introduction of Call of Duty’s vision of Battle Royal genre.

Playing this year’s Black Ops IIII feels similar to the other Black Ops games in the franchise. The Black Ops franchise has not been known for a great campaign. Eliminating the campaign and adapting the COD play styles to the Battle Royal genre reminded me of aspects of Call of Duty that have gotten overlooked in the past couple of years. The Call of Duty franchise controls amazingly well. Each action, death, or kill feels it was due to my own decision. It feels Activision and Treyarch went back to basic and it pays off.

Blackout is Call of Duty’s version of Battle Royal genre. The goal is to be the last man standing on a continuously shrinking map. The map itself is a combination of greatest hits of maps in the Black Ops franchise and a number of areas that are seemed to be inspired by other Call of Duty franchises. For being a new game mode, almost every aspect of the game has a sense of familiarity that it is easy to pick up a controller and play. Armor, weapons, health packs, and perks are found throughout the map bringing in aspects of luck to a game that often favored those of higher ranked. With the tight and excellent controllers, reaction and skills is key.

Underneath the pick up and play mode is a detailed weapons, attachment, armor, and perk system that will impress any veteran Call of Duty player. Every pick up item has certain stats and abilities. Veterans will examine these stats to equip the best load out. For myself, I play Blackout grabbing what I could, hide and avoid any fight. Making it to the top 30 left me fight some of the more skilled and geared Call of Duty player. I would often die due to the lack of paying attention to pick up stats. I would inflect a large amount of damage but my opponents have higher stat weapons and armor. This is what is fun about Blackout, you can play how you want to play. If you want to the typical fast paced Call of Duty experience, then drop to fan favorite map locations for a better chance to get high stat weapons and armor. If you want to slower camping approach, then drop in the middle of the woods and where not a lot of people would drop. No matter your style of play, gameplay is just pure fun.

One aspect of Blackout that I do not like is the leveling system. Experience seems to be only gained when you get kills and/or make it to the top 15, more so on the kills. I wish experience is distributed based on how long you last in a match as well. Even gaining small amounts of experience will give players motivation to continue to play to do better in the next match. The feeling of being rewarded no matter how I play the game is what got me hooked into Fortnite. This seems like an easy way to get players hooked on the game mode. Instead, I will play one or two matches and switch over to Zombies.

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