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Published on July 13th, 2018 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

LEGO The Incredibles Xbox One Review

Editor’s Note: A copy of the game was provide for the purpose of review

The LEGO video game franchises has seen a number of changes through the past decade. I have been an avid LEGO game player since its initial LEGO Star Wars franchise back on the PlayStation 2. By infusing its own unique kind of humor to iconic franchise is what Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games does best. LEGO also put their mark on the toys to life market with LEGO Dimensions and the create your own world with LEGO Worlds. The humor has been there anchor with all of their games but the LEGO games suffer from “if you played one, you played them all.”

Coming into LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles, I admit, I expected the same LEGO game format. As soon as I started the game I was surprised. The game opens with the events of The Incredibles 2 with the Parr family facing the Underminer. This sequence is used to teach the new LEGO game mechanics.  Combat is no longer button smashing the attack button and jumping around.

There is now a combo indicator. Perform a 25 hit combo and you will receive a 2x coin count reward. There are a number of ways to build a combo. You can smash the attack button, string into multiple jump attacks, and you now have superhero hero movies in which you can deal a great amount of damage. This is different from using character’s special abilities that you often see in all LEGO games. There is also a new focus on cooperative play.  

In past LEGO games, you would need to switch characters to use their unique abilities to progress through the level. LEGO The Incredibles takes this concept to a new level.  Now, you will need to combine characters special abilities to complete levels, get mini kits, and go into special areas. For example, Mr. incredible can team up with another super to toss them to high ridges. Dash can go into Violet’s force field bubble to access blocked areas or activate levers. There are also special LEGO pieces you can collect that has all characters building I big item.

All of these new mechanic changes remind me of beat-em-up arcade cabinets. I going through levels reminded me of playing The Simpson or X-Men arcade cabinets. The all character LEGO builds reminded me of the balloon pump mini game from The Simpson Arcade Game. Enemies come at you in waves. Changing the enemy spawn rate allows TT Games to add some cinematic camera sweeps and zooms to showcase finishing moves after defeating a wave. These finishing moves are random and are presented in a slow motion that is reminiscence of other comic book games.

Basic characters are unlocked in the typical LEGO game fashion by becoming available in free play once you use them in the story mode. In addition, once you earn a golden block, you earn character blind bags. Open more bags gives you access to the character and the piece for a custom character. There are over 100 characters to unlock. Character blind bag rewards is a great way to motivate players to replay levels to complete the gold and red brick challenges. There are also special characters from other Pixar films that make an appearance.  

The opening sequence teaches all of these new mechanics. After this introduction, the game’s open world unlocks. The city is full of life and missions for you to do. Each story mission requires you to complete an open world mission to continue. These open world mission are short and transition well to continue the story. The game features the entire cast of original voice actors along with voice over for the NPC. However, adding a second player did make the game glitch by removing all dialogue from all characters. The sound effects and music remained. I had issues in trying to recover the dialogue that I gave up and  I spent that play session with subtitles on so I could follow the story. An additional glitch I experienced was the Violet being replaced with Jack-Jack during a story mode making Jack-Jack two selectable characters along with Dash. I had to close the game and restart the level to fix the issue.

Adding a second player causes the game to screen tearing and a fluctuation frame rate. Screen tearing is common for console version of their games and it is no surprise that it is present in this game. Frame rates fluctuation is not noticeable to most and I often cannot notice it myself but there were times were framerates were smooth at 60FPS and once a lot of activity was on screen the FPS dropping to 30. The review was conducted on an original Xbox One and these issues can be isolated to that system.

The original Incredibles movie story mode is unlocked after completing The Incredibles 2 story mode. TT Games have made some interesting narrative choices to the original Incredibles movie to accommodate for 2 playable characters to always be available. Mr. Incredible’s time on the Syndrome’s island now includes Frozone. The escape from the burning building includes awkward enemy placement and finishes with a weird car chase scene. The ending has also been changed from the original move. I enjoyed the new ending.

After completing both movie story modes, you are treated with a short fun bonus level and a couple of outtakes in fun Pixar fashion. Going through both movie stories will take you around 10 hours. Replaying the levels to obtain minikits and gold blocks will easily double the time. Including the open world side-missions, there are hours content outside of the story mode.

The open world is divided into different districts. Each district has a distinct “crimewave.” Each crimewave is its own mini story. The first few crimewaves reveal around Bomb-Voyage which leads to an amazing boss fight. Completing each crimewave unlocks a Pixar environment and special playable character.  Clearing the crimewave also unlocks the locations of all of objects left within that district. Each crimewave is introduced through a funny breaking news update. I would like to note, the dialogue glitch is still present in my game in both single player and multiplayer modes.

Final Thought:

LEGO The Incredibles is an amazing game full of content. However, the bugs and glitches prevent this game from becoming….well incredible. I was unable to fix the dialogue bug that I believe it is now attached to my save file. Frame rate drops and screen tearing pulled me out of the experience. It does not matter if it was on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, I have experienced bad screen tearing and frame rate drops. The only platform I haven’t experienced it was on PC. 

The new combat options, camera pull ins, and emphasis on co-op play make LEGO The Incredibles distinguishable from all the other LEGO games available. There is a lot of promise but a some polishing of the game can truly make or break a game. For LEGO The Incredibles, the issues breaks the game.

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