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Published on September 19th, 2017 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack Review

Editor’s Note: A sample was provided by Mobile Edge for the purpose of this review

There are a few accessories that are vital for techies who are always on the go. We have a constant desire to never leave home without a cell phone, laptop, tablet, camera, and or gaming systems. As a result many third party companies have flooded the market with a number of different accessories to adapt and aid our own personal uses of mobile devices.

One of the biggest challenges is finding the right accessory. I have been through a number of different cell phone and tablet cases. When I travel, my go to bags are a camera bag that carries my DSLR, lens, and leaves room to hold other things I may need during our vacation activities. The other is a backpack for my laptop, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and other needed cables/chargers. This set up is not ideal but it works well enough for me. I am constantly looking  for a single bag that I can use to meet both functions.

My journalism email gets multiple press releases every day. As part of my ongoing search for the perfect accessories, I open and read all of the press releases that deal with tech accessories. I recently was contacted by Mobile Edge about a Kickstarter campaign for the CORE Gaming Backpack. The CORE Gaming backpack sets itself apart from the by providing storage for any tech we may need to take when we travel including a laptop, full sized keyboard, headphones, tablets, and portable charger, isn’t fun that you will able to take the best headphones found at https://factschronicle.com/best-wireless-headphone-of-2017-2098.html where ever you want to take them?

According to the Kickstarter campaign:

The CORE Gaming Backpack is the ultimate product for gamers, the person on the go, and for holiday gift-givers. The CORE Backpack offers three large storage sections that are pre-wired for a power bank or external battery. Four side accessory packets are perfect for cables, phone, a gaming mouse or oversized water bottles. There is also an external USB charge port built into the pack that provides instant power to your phone or other devices. Place your power bank into the universal power pocket and connect the internal USB cable, then just plug your phone or other device into the external USB charge port for instant power while you are on the go.

Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the CORE Gaming Backpack, I was surprised on how big the backpack actually is. Handling the backpack feels similar to handling a sturdy piece of luggage more than a backpack. However, once you put the backpack on, it feels like any other backpack. It does not seem big or massive once on your back. The shoulder straps and back pads are extremely padded to help distribute the weight of the backpack. There is also strap sewn in the middle of the backpack for you slip onto rolling suitcases handles for easier travel. The carry handle is reinforced with a wire. This is a nice atheistic touch well.


The CORE Gaming Backpack has a three main pockets. The first pocket is simply used for your laptop. The pouch is big enough for a full 17 inch laptop and has “checkpoint friendly” label on it. The second pocket is the main pocket. There is a loose divider in the middle of the pocket to help contain the contents. Mobile Edge devotes this pocket to hold full sized keyboards. Any full sized keyboard will fit comfortably. There is also a pouch to hold an average 10 inch tablet and a loop to secure studio headphones. The front pocket is designated for accessories. There are pouches for pens, usb ports, portable charger, and any cords and cables you may need. Lastly, there are four side pockets. These pockets are slightly bigger than a full sized mouse. The two bottom side pockets have a stretchable net on the inside to help contain controllers, cords, or hold bottled drinks.



The black and red design of the bag is classic. The front of the bag has Velcro allowing you to display any patches you may have. The backpack comes with some patches, however I did not add them on because I personally like the clean and simple look. Leaving the patches off does not cheapen the look of the bag. All of the pockets of the bag are padded to protect anything you may have in it. The tablet pouch is lined with soft padding you often find in high end iPad pouches. I felt my contents were still protected even when I threw the bag around. The bag is made of all durable material that will withstand everything you or weather may manage to throw at it.


What I love about the CORE Gaming Backpack is its versatility. It is designed to carry any mobile devices to fit any anybody’s needs. As I mentioned above, I was in need of a singular travel bag. The CORE Gaming Backpack fit my travel needs perfectly. I was able to take my laptop, Nintendo Switch with dock and Pro controller, and iPad. The backpack was able to comfortably fit all of my travel tech I wanted to bring; in addition there is plenty of  room for any other things I might need. For the moment these additional things include diapers, wipes, snacks and drinks and additional kids clothes for my toddlers. Outside of my travel bag, The CORE Gaming Backpack has simply became of choice of bag when I am in need to take any of my tech anywhere. The backpack is big enough to fit and protect pretty much anything I want to bring including my laptop to portable gaming monitor with current generation gaming system.

Some of the small features that are invaluable are the drink bottle holders being inside the side pouches. This allows me to use the pocket for a number of different things including holding additional controllers, usb flash drives, chargers, and cables. The other surprised addition is the built in external charge port. Having a charger cord threaded throughout the backpack allows me to add a portable charger anywhere in the backpack. Having an usb plug on the outside of the of the backpack makes it easy to charge cell phones.

As I mentioned before, the tablet pouch will fit almost any tech you may have. The Nintendo Switch with Joy-cons fits in the tablet pouch naked or in my Waterfield case along with 9.7 inch iPad in case. The Nintendo Switch dock can easily fit in the main pocket and because of the padding throughout the bag, I feel comfortable just placing the dock in the bag.

Where the size of the backpack is fine to handle or on your back, traveling with it is a little difficult. My travel preference is driving and my tech bag is my front set bag, meaning it stays with me. With a car full of people, traveling with this back is challenging because of its size.  I do not see any traveling issues when traveling by any other means.


The Final Truth

The backpack is good for causal traveling on personal trips. However, the design and material used for the backpack is not good for a more everyday professional every day and travel use. I work in an office setting for my primary day job and taking this bag into my office would stand out in that setting. The same goes with going to gaming conferences. In these situations, I would want to more professional tech bag such of those you can find at Waterfield Designs. However, Waterfield Design bags will set you back twice the price as the suggested retail price of the CORE Gaming Backpack (not considering the early bird Kickstarter $89 price). The CORE Gaming Backpack is good for everyday grab and go moments when going to school, coffee shop, friends and families homes. Where the bag shines is the size and protection. All of the pockets are padded providing excellent protection for anything in it. The bag is big enough to easily transport any current generation console, cords, controllers, and headset.

If you are interested get involved in the Kickstarter and getting the CORE Gaming Backpack at the early bird price of $89, check out the site here.

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