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Infinite Mini Golf Review

Editor’s Note: A game code was provided by Zen Studios for the purpose of review

Zen Studios has created a wonderful reputation with Zen Pinball and Pinball FX games. To follow up, Zen Studios decide to make a swing at mini golf.

Infinite Mini Golf seems like a natural progression for the studio. Zen Pinball FX series has been slowly implementing community aspects to the game, for example leaderboards and tournaments. Infinite Mini Golf is driven by it’s community. Currently, there are over 10,000 golf courses available.



There are leaderboards, tournaments, and level builder. There is an endless supply of courses and things to do in the game. The stock levels are fun. There are three unique environments; Nightmare Mansion, Santa’s Factory, and Giant Home. However, it feels like the stock levels are there as a tutorial. Even in the more difficult levels, you get tips and hints on how to overcome the courses obstacles.

The fun comes when you play the community uploaded courses. Going into Quickplay will generate random user created levels to play. Every time you go into the Quickplay, you will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of courses. From the super simple course to the crazy where you have to bounce your balls off objects to get it towards the hole.

The courses are fun, enjoyable, and entertaining but the controls prevent the game from truly being amazing. The strength of the hit of the ball is determined by how much you pull back on the right joy stick. This is not a new mechanic however something seems off about the sensitivity. Slightly pulling the joy stick back yields the power meter to fill. The power meter is so overly sensitive that when you adjust it to the desired power, releasing the stick to trigger the stroke will through off the power. For most of your strokes, you are going to hit the ball at full power. Changing the sensitivity of the sticks does not fix this issue as well. Three stroke courses can take five to six strokes because of overpowering the stroke on close to hole shots. The inability to accurately control the strokes power is inexcusable in a game where control.

Changing to the Nintendo Pro Controller seemed to fix the issues. However this is an expensive and impracticable solution for those who simply want to play on the go.

IMG_Giant Home

Despite the control issues, Infinite Mini Golf has a endless reply value. The community is strong and I have no doubt that you will encounter new and refreshing courses every time you play the game. It is easy to play online and Zen Studios incorporated community throughout the game masterfully.

The Final Truth: At it’s core, Infinite Mini Golf is an amazing community driven game with wonderful users built content and community challenges. However, the overly sensitive controls completely break the game for me. This review was conducted on the Nintendo Switch and do not know if the sensitive controls is a bug only related to the Switch. As a result, I have no motivation to rank my player, earn rewards or clothing. I wish there was a control option to switch from the joy stick pull back to button prompts similar to the Mario Golf and Hot Shots Golf series. I want to experience the crazy levels and dive into the community challenges but I quickly get frustrated due to the inability to accurate control the stroke’s power.

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