Published on August 22nd, 2017 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Mobile Edge Introduces the CORE Gaming Backpack

There is nothing tougher than finding the most useful accessories for my tech. If it is finding the correct case for my Nintendo Switch, screen protectors for my phone, or bag(s) to carry all the tech I want to bring with me when I travel.

I have always struggled in finding a travel bag that will function as both my tech bag and regular backpack to carry drinks, food, and other essentials I need when traveling with my family. I often will have to take two separate bags to accommodate both functions.

Mobile Edge has recently started a Kickstarter for the CORE Gaming Backpack. Mobile Edge describes the backpack as to “[provide] the pinnacle of transport, protection and easy access to the gamers’ laptop, controllers, video games, accessories … all their cool tech, and more!”

Check out a tour of the CORE Gaming Backpack:

The CORE Gaming Backpack looks promising in providing protection, style, and functionality for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.

Check out the Mobile Edge’s Kickstarter here.

Check back with GAMINGtruth with updates about the CORE Gaming Backpack.


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