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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Death Squared: Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is made for couch co-op games and when Death Squared was released a few months ago on the PlayStation 4 it seemed a perfect fit. Death Squared is a single player and co-op puzzle game that gives you control of little robotic squares. The concept is simple, each square is identified by a designed color and needs to go onto the square with its corresponding color.

In single player mode, you control each square with a joystick. When four squares come into play, you are able to switch between squares using the bumper buttons. On multiplayer, you can separate the joycons and have each person controlling their own square. After a getting used to the controls from a couple of puzzles, things get complicated quick.


SMG Studio quickly makes the game interesting by introducing lasers, moving boxes, spikes, etc. Each new obstacle is controlled by the players as they move there square. In single player mode, you adapting to the new obstacles  with a lot of trial and error attempts. A lot of attempts. It gets worse when playing multiplayer. Multiplayer is where the game shines.

More than ever, communication is key when playing multiplayer. Keep in mind finding puzzle solutions will be continue to be trial and error experimentation. However, it’s fun providing both help to solve puzzles and purposely screwing up your partner by pushing them off, blowing them up, and or stabbing them the death. It brought out the childhood times when my brother and I used to purposely screw each other on purpose on Mario Kart. There are very few games where it is fun to both succeed and fail. When playing the game seriously, solving puzzles with a group of people is truly rewarding, as long as everyone keep themselves healthy, with the help of exercise, diet and supplements, like kratom capsules.

With the portability of the Nintendo Switch, Death Squared is a natural fit to a console that promotes couch co-op games. With the game’s simple controls, it is easy to give a Joycon to anyone to enjoy some time trying to figure out the puzzle.

Death Squared’s charm and presentation makes it stand apart from other puzzlers. Intertwined as part narrative, the commentary during puzzles is hilarious. The commentary will point out your mistakes and failures. In addition there is a death counter in the upper left hand corner. The death counter keeps track of all of your deaths as if the game is taunting you.

The counter will taunt you too. Death Square is one of the toughest puzzle games I have played. It can get frustrating at times but once you figured out a solution to a puzzle you have been stuck is really rewarding. You will die a lot and the game cute presentation coupled with the funny commentary make you coming back for more. Death Squared has the charm and presentation similar to Portal. It has been long time since a puzzle game was difficult, charming, and funny that it leaves you wanting more.


The Final Truth: No matter what platform you play Death Squared, the game is a blast to play solo or, preferably, with a group of people. The portability of the Nintendo Switch makes it the preferred platform to play since it is so easy to travel with and engage new players to solve incredibly difficult puzzles. The presentation and charm of the game makes failing puzzles fun and solving them rewarding.

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