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Bulb Boy Nintendo Switch Review

Editor’s Note: A game code was provide by Bulbware for the purpose of review.

The Nintendo Switch is proving itself to be more than a system good to play first party Nintendo games. The system is quickly distinguishing itself with the #Ninidies line of games which include new and classic indie titles from past console, mobile, and PC release. One such game is Bulb Boy. Bulb Boy was originally released in 2015 on the PC and 2016 on mobile.

I can honestly say, I have never heard of Bulb Boy until it was already released on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Nintendo’s embrace on indies is what is making the console great. The Switch is allowing smaller developers to easily bring their games to a much wider audience. Bulb Boy is a horror point and click puzzle adventure and once I heard about it, I was completely sold on it.

Bulb Boy is a fun and unique experience. The game follows a Bulb Boy as he adventures through his house after it has been attacked by and unknown evil entity as he tries to save his family. You explore each room in the house to figure out what happened to your family. You will encounter a number of possessed objects including a baked turkey, poop (yes, there is a poop boss), and garden to name a few. The narrative is simple but there are a number of flash backs that fill out  Bulb Boy’s and his family relationship and allowing you to play as different characters.


Bulb Boy feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch. The game is short (3-4 hours) and engaging, which is perfect for the times a break is needed between Nintendo’s AAA titles. The puzzles are difficult but not frustrating. I only found myself getting a little frustrated once on the final puzzle/ boss fight. Keep in mind you will die a lot trying to figuring out the different puzzles. Deaths are forgiving because they are amusing. The different animations of deaths are entertaining. I found myself dying on purpose just to see how I will die. The team at Bulbware even lets you experiencing witnessing your death until you hit any button to respawn.

To complete puzzles, Bulb Boy removes his bulb head from his body to attach it to something in the environment. In essence you get an “special ability” that will help you solve the puzzles. Each ability is unique and makes gameplay refreshing. For instance, you will put your head onto a suit of armor in order to kill a bug that is blocking a door you need to through to complete the level.


What makes Bulb Boy stand out from other point and click adventure games is the dark and gloomy art style. You will absolutely love or hate the art style. I am the type of person who loves the dark and gloomy in games and movies and the art style is what caught sparked my interest in the game. You will come across weird bugs and creatures and go into unique environment. If you have a week stomach, enough for you to be disgusted to be fighting a poop boss, this isn’t the game for you.

The Final Truth: Bulb Boy is a wonderful experience on a new system that is proving itself to be more than just a Nintendo game machine.  The game is a perfect causal game to play at home or on the go. If you are looking for something different to play for a short period of time, Bulb Boy will easily fill this void. On a system that is getting great indie titles every week, do not sleep on Bulb Boy.  The $9 price point is the perfect price for the experience and content and it is cheaper than most indies hitting system. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is into weird, dark, and twisted  games.

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