Published on October 20th, 2016 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Zen Pinball: Marvel’s Women of Power Pack Review

Editor’s note: A code was provided for review purposes. Review was completed on the PS Vita and PlayStation 4.

Zen Studio ‘s has a excellent variety of tables to offer for any pinball player’s liking. With great mechanics, controls, and realistic physics, Zen Pinball or Pinball FX2, will bring an authentic pinball experience to pretty much any device or console you may have.

Zen Studio’s last release, Aliens vs Pinball, included three excellent tables that could have highlighted their own individual packs. To follow up, the studio is going back to one of their early partnerships, Marvel, to bring the Women of Power table pack.

The Women of Power Pack includes two tables instead of the traditional three. Both tables offer brand new narratives. The A-Force table showcases Black Widow.  The table presents an alternate reality lead by the Soviets caused by the destruction of the Cosmic Cube.  Black Widow is front and center, the bonus rounds recruit the help from other Marvel heroines including Spider-Woman, She-Hulk, and Thor. The A-Force table feels and play similarly to the pervious Marvel tables. It carries a very serious tone to Marvel’s current comic books that feature the heroines above. The comic book art style is similar to pervious Marvel Pinball tables.

The Championship table follows Ms. Marvel and friends in attempting to track down Bombshell. The Championship table is the stand out table in this pack. Following the same format as the A-Force table, cameos from Squirrel Girl and Spider-Gwen come from the bonus rounds. Their presences are more involved in the table by having more voice overs and “themed” sections on the table itself. For example, locking the ball involves getting the ball trapped in Spider-Gwens web.

Where The Championship table shines is the art style. Pulling away from the traditional comic book art style of the other Marvel tables, the table uses a cell shaded animation style. When you first start the table, having such a drastic style change is a pleasant surprise. The cell-shaded art style fits perfectly with the fun and light tone of the table. The table is humorous while maintaining the great action during the table bonuses. The art style is a great compliment to the narrative and characters to mirror the tone found in the inspired comics


Zen Pinball: Marvel’s Women of Power Pack Review Chris Ramirez, Editor

Summary: The Final Truth: The Woman of Power Pack is a great addition to the wonderful Marvel library of tables Zen Studios have assembled. Both of these tables are fantastic. Where past table packs contained one amazing table and two subpar tables, the recent packs have included amazing tables. Just like the Aliens vs Pinball tables, these tables can highlight their own packs. The fact Zen Studios has been releasing nothing but great tables in their packs make The Woman of Power Pack a must buy.


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