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Published on August 24th, 2016 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Toast Cover Review: Microsoft Surface

With technology always changing and improving, today’s market always has a new batch of associated accessories. Protection is a common theme among all new devices. Cases and skins are often the first product purchased after receiving a new device. Often these cases and skins either offer great protection by comprising style and esthetic or have great style by providing little to no protection.016326736e4d2369792985cb672eba432c9f376406

I have been through a number of covers and skins through a variety of different devices. I found tablets being hardest device to find a case or skin that would not compromise the style and functionality or adding additional weight to an already big device. 

The Toast covers seemed to provide both protection well maintain the devices style and functionality.

Toast covers are offered for a number of devices from cell phones, tablets, and even video game systems.

With a wide variety of covers available, I decided to review the Microsoft Surface cover. I made a concern effort to conduct a full review by covering the everyday use of the device with the cover installed. Cover, cases, and skins are difficult to review. Typically “tests” are conducted to determine the level of protection and durability. I wanted to give my Toast cover a run through of actual daily activities. For this review, I installed the cover and used my surface normally for two months to see how the cover stands up.


The covers are made of real wood of the type and color of your choosing. The wood is thin similar to the thinness of a plastic slim cell phone case. The shape and different cut outs for the device is then laser cut for you to punch out. All the pieces were backed with 3MM adhesive.



The cover came in separated into different pieces to better fit the Surface. Made out of real wood, the application is simply peel and stick the 3MM adhesive.  This is a nice touch to ensure a good stick without damaging the device itself. Applying the small pieces for the buttons can be a trial and error process. Once I was happy with the application of the cover, I let it cure for 48 hours. There were no instructions suggesting this, however, I wanted to ensure a good stick to withstand the abuse of daily use.

All of the pieces were perfectly cut and lined up with the different ports, camera, and speakers without any overlaying issues. The button pieces of the cover were difficult to adhere because of such the small sizes. While applying the cover, I would often touch the power button to hard, the cover piece would slide out of place. Allowing the adhesive to cure solved this issue. The edges of the cover were slightly lasered cut to allow the wood to bend into the curves.


After about two months of everyday use, the Toasted cover still looks amazing and provides just the protection I wanted for a mobile device. The cover prevents my device from getting starched or chipped during my travels. About 98% of the device is covered by the lightweight wood skin. The 2% that is not covered is by the magnetic charger port to provide room for the charger and the little notch provided to open up the kick stand.

The areas that seem to have the most issue are the corners of the Surface. As I mentioned before, the Surface has round edges. To accommodate the rounded edges the Toasted cover is slighted laser cut  four times where the corners are at to allow the wood to bend easily to apply on the cover. This method allowed for easy application but leaves the edges created by the four laser cuts of the cover vulnerable. These corners have chips and signs of wear and tear. I eventually see these corners chipping off.

To my surprise, the button covers has no signs of wear and tear or either has sifted or fallen off from constantly clicking them. They are holding strong despite my first impression to them when applying the cover.


The Final Truth

Toasted covers provide great protection without comprising style for our everyday devices. The covers are light weight and protects your device from scratches. I would fully recommend Toast covers for bigger mobile devices such as tablets,

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HI! I am fanatic of all things gaming from cabinet, cartridge, disc, to digital distribution. I am the Editor with an emphasis on family and indie games. I collect toys, figures, and Pops! and enjoy taking photos of my collection and more. Visit my Instagram @CheckPointChris. Subscribe on my Facebook under Chris Ramirez, follow me on Twitter and Twitch @CheckpointChris.

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