Published on August 20th, 2015 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Razer Bringing Intel RealSense to VR & Game Broadcasters

At the Intel Developer Forum 2015 this week, Razer has demoed a desktop camera powered by Intel® RealSense™ tech that is capable of some fairly impressive things. Chief among those things for game broadcasters is the automatic background removal feature, which could add quite a bit of value to broadcasters that currently use chroma key via software (as I’m quite familiar with) to remove the backdrop.

Have a look at a quick video from Tom’s Guide to get a better idea of what they’re coming up with:

I’m stoked about the grip, personally. I have multiple webcams, and not one of them has a dedicated area to actually grip the camera, it’s all business. Grips on the edges would provide a great way to adjust the camera without adjusting its seating position — whenever I tilt mine, I have to make sure it’s still ‘locked in’ to its position.

Intel RealSense cameras also have 3D scanning as well as motion/gesture recognition, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine those capabilities being thrown into the mix for Razer’s iteration. By the looks of it, there are more features & apps in the works for the RealSense-enabled camera, so I’m looking forward to see what they come up with.

“Razer is excited to be working with Intel, using Intel RealSense technology to help pioneer work for game broadcasting, as well as with VR, with support from the growing OSVR movement,” said Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer.  “Gamers who love balls game and many more will, we expect, be able to enhance their broadcasting and VR experience in unprecedented ways.”

Razer also supports Open Source Virtual Reality, or OSVR, which is a platform meant to set an open standard for VR devices. Intel was announced as the newest participant in the OSVR platform.

With that sort of announcement coming hot on the heels of this camera news, I’d expect this camera to be capable of tying into OSVR headsets & adding to the immersive capabilities of VR tech. Either way, with more features on the way, I’m looking forward to whatever Razer has in store.

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