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PlayStation E3 2015 Briefing: The Summary

If you thought Microsoft’s kickoff to E3 was awesome, you may not have been ready for the PlayStation Briefing, because Sony announced some thing that fans have been wanting for years.

PlayStation 4 Gets a Media Player

This is something that’s been a bit of a hot button for a good while. My PS3 got plenty of time as a media player for content stored on my PC and networked hard drive. The Xbox One has had this feature since last fall, so it’s nice to see Sony pay attention to its fan base on this issue.

The Last Guardian

It's FINALLY Official!

It’s FINALLY Official!

It seems the rumor mill was right! Sony has been fairly quiet on this game since it’s initial announcement back in 2007, much to gamers’ chagrin, leading many to think the game to be vaporware. The Last Guardian is scheduled to release in 2016.

Guerilla Games Announces New IP

This game is FAR too pretty.

This game is FAR too pretty.

A common thread in E3 this year was the continuation of pre-existing franchises, but Guerilla Games was determined to take that concept and turn it on its head. They showcased an actual gameplay trailer of their upcoming title Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Seemingly based long after our society ends and nature has time to reclaim the environment, Horizon: Zero Dawn looks like a fantastic mix of 10,000 B.C. and Beast Wars. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely looking forward to this game from the Killzone developer.

Agent 47 is Still Employed

Io-Interactive showed up at the Sony conference as Hitman was showcased. They’re touting it as a rebirth because they intend to continually release story content through 2016. Between each of those major story setpieces though, Io-Interactive plans to release smaller contracts only available for short periods of time — say, a target that only appears for 48 hours. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

There’s also the Contracts Mode, which seems much like a Leaderboard type situation, that will be fleshed out more for gamers by the end of the year. Hitman hits shelves on December 8th.

Street Fighter V Looks Awesome, Gets Beta

The fighting game behemoth, Street Fighter V, showed its face at the briefing to much applause. Looking like one of the best of sculpted clay features, SFV is exclusive to PlayStation 4 & PC, with a Beta exclusive to the PlayStation 4 dropping on July 23.

No Mans Sky Blows MORE Minds

Sean Murray of Hello Games hit the stage once again to show off even more of No Man’s Sky, and as always blew minds with a few previously unknown revelations. For starters, that every point of light visual on screen was a sun, which had a supporting solar system right before teleporting to a random planet and showcased both the destructibility of everything, and showcased each planet’s “defenders”.

Media Molecule Announces New IP

Not sure of how the gameplay works, but its BEAUTIFUL.

Not sure of how the gameplay works, but its BEAUTIFUL.

Media Molecule hit the stage to announce Dreams, which is an extensively creative title, as their work tends to be. The game seems to be primarily a sculpting game, but making a humanoid character seems to automatically rig your work. There wasn’t much gameplay showcased, but it looks beautiful.

Destiny’s Expansion Gets Name & Date

Destiny fans were treated to news that the next expansion, titled The Taken King, drops on September 15. We got a glimpse of new subclasses for each of the classes and a look at the Taken King himself.

It seems you may need to purchase the physical copy of the game if you want all the goodies the expansion has to offer, but more news of that will be coming down the pipeline later, I imagine.

World of Final Fantasy Announced

A ridiculously cute game using Final Fantasy characters from throughout the series universe was announced as a PlayStation 4 and Vita exclusive title.




The rumor mill proved right twice. FINALLY, Sony & Square-Enix confirmed what gamers have been hoping for for decades. Final Fantasy VII is in development and coming first to the PlayStation 4. It wasn’t officially announced which other platforms it could be releasing on as well, but it would be safe to assume at least PC support. Xbox One support may not be ruled out either, but no word either way.

Devolver Digital Brings the Indies

If there’s a company showing support to PlayStation platforms, Devolver Digital is definitely in the top runnings. They got a serious teaser video showing off multiple of their upcoming PlayStation titles Eitr, RONIN, Mother Russia Bleeds, Crossing Souls, and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star.

Shenmue 3 Announced, Gets Kickstarter

In yet another moment of fanboy service, Shenmue 3 was announced. In a very surprising move, the announcement was made alongside a Kickstarter campaign — which broke Kickstarter records and reached $1 Million faster than any previous project (it was already beyond $250K before the Sony conference was finished). The title currently sits at $3.05M as of the time of this writing.

Arkham Knight Meets Scarecrow

In what originally seemed to be gameplay, a trailer was shown that was a bit more setup to the world The Dark Knight will be stepping into when Batman: Arkham Knight drops next week with exclusive PlayStation 4 content.

Call of Duty Switched Sides


Call of Duty: Black Ops III popped up and showcased a new four-player co-op mode and news that all digital content will be released first on PlayStation platforms. Beyond that, professional official Call of Duty tournaments will be held on the PlayStation 4.

Morpheus has Multiplayer Games in Development

The Morpheus didn’t get much play other than to note that multiplayer games are currently being developed with glimpses of EVE Valkyrie and other Morpheus-supported titles.

Disney Infinity Hits 3.0

Disney Infinity, the company’s response to the Skylanders series, will be getting a Sony Exclusive set dropping to PlayStation platforms this holiday season. The Star Wars themed Disney Infinity: Twilight of the Republic will hit PlayStation platforms with the timed-exclusive Boba Fett figure this fall.

Star Wars: Battlefront Wows Again

As it does every time it shows up, Star Wars: Battlefront got an amazing-looking gameplay showcase. If this is actually in-game footage, it’ll be among the best-looking games to hit consoles.

Uncharted 4 Still Exists

The show ended on a comforting note, as Uncharted 4 was shown. Its presentation bugged a bit when it restarted after watching an inactive Nathan Drake for a bit, but the game still remains every bit as cinematic as before and retains the humor its known for.

Verdict: Pretty Damn Good!

Yes, I know its the same verdict I gave the Xbox E3 2015 Summary, and I don’t care! Sony went all out confirming games that the gaming community has been salivating over – some over a decade. They’ve been working to get PlayStation fans what they want, and are bringing as much of it as possible to us when they can.

The only downside to this is that while many games were shown off and will be hitting PlayStation platforms this year, there wasn’t much focused placed on this holiday season as far as first-party exclusives. Yes, we love the fact that we get Shenmue 3, Final Fantasy VII: Remake and The Last Guardian, but the earliest of those is the game everyone thought was vaporware — and it arrives in 2016.

Titles like Tearaway Unfolded, the remake of critically acclaimed Tearaway for PlayStation Vita, didn’t get any screen time even though Unfolded hits retail on September 8th. Dragon Quest Heroes releases on October 13th. So it’s not that there are no exclusive games, they just didn’t focus on them.

Makes you wonder what they’re holding up their sleeves for Tokyo Game Show…

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