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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Revealed

It seems the PS4 virtual reality headset that everyone’s been rumor mongering about was based in truth, as revealed at Sony’s GDC 2014 press conference.

Dubbed ‘Project Morpheus’ (enter the Matrix references), the VR system for the PlayStation 4 is similar to the Oculus VR tech that has been gathering quite a bit of hype from developers over the last couple years. Shuhei Yoshida, head of PlayStation’s gaming software division, gave information in regards to the headset.

  • It has three sources of light, most likely for tracking with the PlayStation Camera.
  • It’s designed to work seamlessly with the PlayStation Move and PlayStation Camera.
  • The headset will be improved by getting direct feedback from developers.
  • Sony has worked with NASA to put together a “Mars Demo” that allows the user to walk along the surface of Mars with the Mars Rover.

As expected, Sony’s in-house gaming studios are on tap to make content for the headset, but they’re looking for more developer support.  Richard Marks, a Sony researcher, also noted that Sony is working very hard to create development tools. They’ve already partnered with companies such s Unity, Havok, Autodesk, Crytek & Epic Games, and are looking to expand that.

The current dev kit utilizes a 1080p display and supports upwards of 90 degrees of movement. Both wired and wireless headsets will work with the unit, so the headband must be small enough to allow them to fit.

Its only scheduled to work with the PlayStation 4 as of now, and no release date has been announced as of yet.

By the sounds of things, VR is here to stay, even if most people aren’t too keen on the idea. After having tried out the Oculus Rift for myself, I can say it’s actually impressive when done right.

What do you think? Will the VR headset be a coup for Sony? Do you have any interest in virtual reality?

Source: Live Blog: Sony Press Conference [WSJ]

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