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Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset Review

Designer: Plantronics
Platform: PC, Console, Mobile
MSRP: $129.99
Release Date: October 19, 2013
Website: Plantronics RIG Link: Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset

Reviewer’s Note: Sample hardware was sent to GAMINGtruth for review.

With the battle raging on to satiate consumers ear drums, it’s only expected that the big dogs come to the party with a ringer. Plantronics new headset seems to have come to that party ready to crack some skulls, but those only taking a quick glance may think that they’ve spread their focus.

If you thought that, you’d be incorrect.


The Look and Feel

Black Headset w/ Mixer
The Plantronics RIG is an improvement on the previous headset I own of theirs, the GameCom 780, in just about every way. Immediately, the the speaker cushion hopped out as far more comfortable and the sound is a bit more crisp. A noted drawback, though, is the padding along the head band. While standard on the 780 includes it, the RIG has no padding on the interior to pad your head and make it feel cozy & warm.

Moving past that, from the speakers’ rotation to match head size to the light cloth texture on the outside of the earpiece, the RIG feels like a more focused attempt than it’s predecessor. Coming from me, that’s saying a lot, since I’ve been using the 780 exclusively for the last year and change. Little touches like the emoticon with the afro on the interior of the headband. It’s a subtle, yet useful touch. The bigger the ‘fro you see, the larger the head that should be wearing it.

Small, but nice.

All this to say, and I haven’t touched on the star of the show: the Mixer. If you’ve read this far confused as to what makes the RIG more awesome than it’s predecessors, look no further. This is the piece of the puzzle that makes the RIG so special. The mixer that comes with the headset feels extremely solid. It has a nice glossy finish to the primary input switch button, and the rest of the unit feels solid. 

Features and Functions
Beyond it’s good looks, the Plantronics RIG is equipped to cover you in just about any situation you could find yourself in that involves audio. And I’m not joking about that at all.

Outside of the RIG Headset and the Mixer, you’ll find no less than four other cables that connect to a myriad of devices. A Boom mic that comes from your ear to your mouth and optional in-line mic similar to the one that comes with many phones, both with a cable that connect to the Mixer, an Xbox Live chat cable and an RCA piggyback cable that pulls audio from those cables.

With those four cables, you can connect to most everything, and that’s where the Mixer comes in; it handles everything else. To make sense of that, the Mixer has both a USB out and a 3.5mm jack out. Plug the USB drive into the device you’ll be using for power and drivers, and the audio jack plugs into your cell phone’s headset port.

Plantronics RIG MixerThat’s where the magic happens.

The RIG’s Mixer has two primary settings, Mobile or Game. Each side has a volume slider that lets you choose the load percentage between the side you’ve selected and the game audio. This selection also lets the RIG know which side gets your mic audio.

There are also the standard buttons. Power & volume are the ribbed ring around the Mixer, the “Phone” button answers calls when on Mobile mode, as well as your Mute and EQ buttons. The three EQ settings that let you choose between Pure, which passes through audio as naturally as possible, Seismic, which heavily boosts the bass, and Intensify, which increases your mid-range sounds such as footsteps. A subtle, yet beautiful feature of the Mixer.

All that to say the RIG works fantastically. Not only does it handle PC, Mac & Xbox 360 out of the box, since the RIG has an optical in and the PlayStation 4 has an option to load all audio to its headset, it’s capable of handling full audio support for the PS4 as well.

Even without Xbox One support, its safe to say the RIG is sufficiently equipped, wouldn’t you think?

Sound Quality

Unlike previous headsets in the Plantronics lineage, the RIG isn’t capable of surround sound or noise cancellation, but that doesn’t stop it from having great audio nonetheless. The worst I could say about this headset is that it’s a bit on the loud side. Considering we’re talking about a headset meant to give you control over your audio, that’s a bonus.

Final Truth

Nowadays, most of us are spread between phones, consoles, tablets and just about anything else you can think of. With regular headsets being far more rare than they used to be, the prospect of having a single headset that you can take across all of your devices is amazing.

If you’re as much of a multi-tasker as I am, having a headset that goes where you go is a pretty big deal. In my opinion, the Plantronics RIG is the headset to rule them all.

RIGmas Bonus

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Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset Review Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Final Truth

+ Sound quality is amazing, even if a bit loud
+ Seriously, the loudness is a good thing
+ This set can connect to pretty much everything
- Not having surround sound or noise cancellation is a bit of a downer


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